The research of the Tassé family tree has been fascinating and without its “ups-and-downs” as one might say. I have been working the family tree (a word better suited for what I am doing than the traditional “research” connotation) for the better part of 5 years now. I have received emails and information from people around the globe. The Tassé name and those associated with the name have felt the touch and want to be part of the information flow. That is something that I have found a lot of people do not seem to understand. Information in this field is just that “information” it is not based on fiction; it is based on fact and (when it can be confirmed by other sources), based also on submissions of information provided by people.


My task here is not to rifle through the information and determine what is fact and what is fiction. I believe that I should provide the information, ask for confirmation and until someone says different, that information that was provided will stand. There are times when the information being provided is different that the information that I already have reviewed and found to be true. When this case arises, I will revert back to the “old” proven information and caution readers that the information being provided has not been confirmed and is subject to discrepancies. There is presently some of that type of verification going on right now behind the scenes.


The Tassé family research has not been all fun though. There have been a few nasty phone calls and a couple of “pointed” emails. I only publish what I know or what I have found to be true. I do not make things up. In some instances I have personal knowledge of some of the events and have been asked not to publish it or make it known. A fellow researcher has circumvented this problem by not publishing any events after a certain year (ie 1925). I believe that this may be the way to go. When a person lives a life and then is astonished to see that life mapped on the Internet is beyond me. By not tracing the linage now, makes tracing it so much more laborious in later years. I am doing this, not for my personal gain but for the future of those who touch the Tassé family tree. When one does this kind of work you immediately begin to realize how insignificant you are in the bigger scheme of life.


I have gone on for way too long. I hope that you enjoy the web site and that if there is anything that you feel requires further elaboration or if you have information leading to an amplification of some history please give me an email. Thank you for you time.

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