Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

5 January to 6 April 2022


At the end of Feb 2021 I received a note from the owner of our originally rented condo in Ponce Inlet, that there would be a ton of construction going on and it would be better to reconsider our rental of the condo. I appreciated the head's up and immediately began looking at alternatives. The owner had recommended one of his other condos. We looked and it was at a high price per night. After researching and finding a lot of the intital condos I had considered on my excel spreadsheet were already booked, I asked the owner if we could book his Daytona condo but at the price of the other condo. He agreed and the rest is history. That is where we choose to go for snow-birding 2022.

Yes, lots of driving

We start all holidays with a plan and with some indication of who would come and visit and when. All these reservations were changed when COVID came in stronger with the variant called "Omicron".

Since things were starting to get out of control, Sharon and I decided to get out of the hot spot (Yes Kingston was one of the highest places where people tested positive in the Country), and we decided to go elsewhere. In researching, I found that the hotels were expensive and didn't really provide us with a fridge and stove etc. I did find, however that VRBO had some excellent last minute deals. I negotiated one of those deals into something we could actually afford and enjoy in a place called "Hilton Head". We ended up there after a 4 day road trip, on 8th of January at South Forest Beach in a place called Seaside Villa.

So the month of January will be divided into two parts

A) Hilton Head

B) Daytona Beach

January 2022

A) Hilton Head

Our trip down.

We stopped at most Cracker Barrels on our way there and back. Here is Sharon loving her meals

When we arrived at the condo in Hilton Head, the elevator wasn't working so I had to hump everything up and down, but regardless, it had to be done and we had a nice view.

Click here for the rest of the pictures at Hilton Head Island including our condo


B) Dayton Beach

Click here for January Daytona Beach pictures


February 2022

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March 2022

Click here for March Daytona Beach pictures



Thank you one and all for visiting the adventures of Tassé Snow-Birding in 2022


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