North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

30 Dec 2018 to 9 Apr 2019


Given the amount of hyperlinks within the web page this year, I have created a table of contents (TOC)list so when you access a hyperlink, it will bring you back to the TOC and from there you just click on the section that you left.

1. Intro

2. Carolina Opry

3. Luray Caverns VA

4. Hotel Adventures with Grandkids

5. Ocean Adventures

6. WonderWorks

7. Pirates Voyage

8. Go-Carting

9. Extra Pictures of the visit

10. Visiting John & Betty


January 2019

Intro. Sharon and I arrived in North Myrtle Beach the afternoon of the 1st of January 2019.

Our first order of business was to unload the SUV and get everything into the condo.

We had a Christmas Show to attend at the Carolina Opry. Sharon and I have been wanting to attend that show since we started going to Myrtle Beach but there was always something to stop us - either they didn't have it on the 1st or it didn't work out for us to attend...regardless, we went and it was fantastic.

To see pictures of the Christmas Show, click here

We got to see our first dolphins as they headed north

And Sharon going out for her walk

We never get tired of watching the sunrise

Jumping to the 9th of Jan, Sharon got a picture of me walking the beach

And here she is, bag in hand, to feed the birds

Then she took a reprieve and waded into the Atlantic

She is pretending to jog in the water...

On the 10th, the next day, Sharon is wearing her heavy sweater as it is chilly

Sometimes at the end of the day, we had a clear view of the moon. I am proud of that shot as I have been struggling to get a good photograph of the moon for a long time. This was done with a Nikor 70-200mm

A few days later we had a blood moon so I stayed up for a while and took different pictures of the moon in its transition. Follow the arrows and it gives you an idea of what I was seeing.

On the 21st of January, we had Milli and Frank over for supper-well actually, they just came up stairs. They rented a condo on the 2nd floor

Though this picture was taken the 23rd of Jan, they were working on the beach for most of the winter months. We pay to be on the beach, they get paid to work on the beach

There is a story attached to all this earth digging. When you dig the ground and then fill it back in, the ground becomes or is very soft until it firms back up with time. During one of my walks, I went over one of those newly created land fills and ended up literally deep in the sand past my knees. In trying to get out, I was grabbing the earth to slowly pull myself out. Once out, I tried to get the earth off me and found I was wet and full of sand. I headed home. After about 100 yards, I realized that I was missing one of my rings-my wedding ring. OMG, back to the area of the incident and started looking all over the place. Found it. Boy was I ever lucky. No picture of the aftermath. Just a terrible memory of what happened and what could have happened.

Here is a night picture. It is something I love to do is take night shots...

On 25th Jan we went out for Italian food.

There is a military base close by and military helicopters routinely fly by

What am I doing while all this is going on?

Last sunrise in January. Where does the time go?

We often went for breakfast at a restaurant called Dinos

Always tried and take time to enjoy the coffee while looking over the ocean

Some January pictures

We went to Paula Deen's for a "Family Kitchen" lunch. It is not cheap. The food was plentiful and the ambiance was good. I would not go again though. Too expensive.

Afterwards, of course money into the machine to feed the poor starving fish

One of the rare times Milli ventured on the beach

Milli is not one for heights-who is? We're on the 7th floor and it took a while for Sharon to get use to that height

And since it was the Superbowl coming up, and Frank is a Patriot fan, Sharon and I bought him a few things

Febuary 2019

Moving on to Feb. How is it that time just moves so fast. Two months left until we return to Canada.

Outback Steak house is a good place to go once or twice

On the night of the 4th of Feb, I saw a potential for a clear sky and a good "night shot" looking south towards Myrtle Beach

Have we seen any dolphins? Funny you should ask. The next day we saw a few.

But have we been golfing? Frank took this picture of me coming off a green at TPC Myrtle. Love that course.

Another great Feb sunrise.

Sharon's Myrtle Beach tradition is to go out, feed the birds and then go for her walk. She fed the birds "Cheerios"!!

It must be nice to fly around Myrtle all day?

On the 12th Feb, Milli came up for some supper, Frank was not feeling all that great (we sent him down some food) Sharon made Pâté Chinois -Shepherd's pie in English (I grew up calling it Pâté chinois.

17th Feb, another coldish day and Sharon is out for her walk

On 24 Feb, Steve, Sharon's brother, was visiting George-their brother further up the coast. He came over (a few times) and enjoyed the amenities.

As I mentioned, I enjoy night shots

There are some nice golf courses around and great challenges for all levels

And some animals to watch out for

Golfing with my buddy

Sharon and I went to the Alabama Theatre to see the show called "One"

It was neat because one of the sequences was the Lion King and Sharon and I are going to Toronto this summer (Jun 2019) to see it at Mirvish's Princess of Wales Theatre

They all (Carolina Opry and here) do a tribute to the past and present serving members of the military. Great patriots.

Another beautiful sunrise

Look how close the dolphin is to the shoreline. The person walking the beach most likely just missed seeing it.

Another military plane flying overhead.

Now, not all days are nice...

Valentine's Day supper

This is the restaurant we went to. It is in Bearfoot Landings.

Some more pictures of Steve visiting

We brought him out to a few restaurants to enjoy time with us and especially his sister.

I am reading my book on the balcony. If you have never read any of Daniel Silva, make it a point to at least give him a try.

Were the birds hungry?

While in Myrtle we received two Christmas presents from Tom and Marigene. I love my book but Sharon LOVES hers. In came in so handy for shells on the beach ;)

March 2019

Before leaving for Hershey to pick up the kids, we celebrated Milli & Frank's birthdays

Now into the busiest March we've had since starting to go to Myrtle. We drove 10 hrs to Hershey Chocolate Factory to pick up the kids for March Break.

On the 9th of March, with Kathryn on her way back to Kingston, we visited Luray Caverns in Virginia. For more pictures of our few hours there click here

Hotel adventures with the kids on our way to NMB click here

When we got the North Myrtle Beach (NMB) the very first day, the kids were able to see dolphins (I mention this because when Kathryn came, she glimpsed one..and that was it!)

Sharon seen it all with her keen eyes

Katryna went on a 5 mile walk with complaints. Good walker

We always assume people know where we live. I asked her if she knew what floor and with grandma looking at us, she was able to zoom in and see where we were located.

Though the lazy river was "cold" they still ventured in

And...Since I went on a walk with Katryna, Joshua wanted to go on a walk and he wanted a longer we did 8 miles

Then they went in the pool-which isn't heated

Milli came up to meet the kids

The kids then went in the hot tub...

While Milli and Sharon took watch (well, really sat and watched)

I wonder if Milli is explaining how Donald Trump became the most powerful man on the planet

Later, the grandmother and grand daughter went for a walk

They went looking for Shark's Teeth

I wonder what happens if they find the shark that the teeth belong to

A beach day..they went in the Atlantic Ocean. More of their Ocean adventure click here

A morning sunrise is always fun to watch regardless if you just woke up

I have girl power. Queen of the oceans

I don't know why all girls want to do this. I don't see a lot of guys around 10 yrs old doing hand stands. She did it good though.

This is new at Broadway on the Beach

Well, we went a few places with the grandkids before Kathryn arrived. Click here for those extra pictures

Kathryn arrives. Amazing. Driving alone from Kingston to North Myrtle Beach with a cell phone that Bell Travel plan didn't really work well. Well, done Kathryn.

Now she is letting those "doubting people" know that she can and did make it to NMB

Next day we ended up at WonderWorks. Click here for more pictures of their day

Golden Corral for lunch

Sun Rise is always a great time

We also went to see Pirates Voyage. Let me tell you, I rarely give out 5 stars. This was a 5 star attraction. Click here to see all the photos of that show

Next adventure was go-carting click here

By the time Kathryn and family left, they started the fun stuff at the beach

Had to clear some leftovers

Enjoying some breakfast outside

A last look at the Atlantic from NMB

Toasting a fun time and memories in NMB

We left for Mount Jackson VA to meet up with some good friends, John and Betty. For more pictures of the fun and games at the Dickhute B&B click here


Thank you one and all for visiting the adventures of Snow birding in 2019