From 25 Feb to 4 Mar 2017, Matthew, Lisa, Jessika and Arianna came for a visit during their school March Break

Waiting for the girls

Me, Matthew, Lisa and Sharon

Lisa and I going out for a walk

We walked 8 miles that day

The girls were going through their shells

We took this opportunity to celebrate Arianna's birthday

Frank and Milli were there to be part of the birthday celebrations

Hey that looks like a Cherry Pie! It just so happens that is what we bought for this celebration. Just to be different!!

We brought all of Arianna's gifts with us to make the celebration special in a special location

And we never give to one without the we had a gift for Jessika

A younger version of today's "tree huggers"

Lisa wanted to engage the kids and make something....after a while, you see Sharon looking around for the kids and Lisa still "engaged" in her project.

Of course, the kids are going to take credit for this project!! Great future boss's!

We went for supper to Mellow Mushroom ...this was a great Pizza Place. Also entertaining with the fish aquarium. Girls were looking for the two eels. We could only find one. When Thomas and family came in March, we found the second one...he was hiding ;)


Jessika helping feeding the birds and also a visit to the Tanger Outlets


Jessika found a shell and was listening to the sound of the waves. It really helps that the ocean is right close to her.

The gang all went in the hot-tub. They were doing some work in the area so there is a yellow tape right in Milli's face ;(

As part of the condo, they provide Boogie Boards and they went out and tried worked grea

Is this another project?

Matthew has identified another species and is in the process of explaining it all to mom

The project continues

Back for some water sports


They took time also to visit Sharon's brother George and Linda who snowbird just 7 miles north of us.

A Visit to Wonder Works

Well, looks like I am head is way above Matthew's

Matthew beat me here, but I think he fell asleep ;)

In between, the girls were hunry so we stopped for a bit - all in wonderworks (but of course)

Then we also did some mini putt at Rainbow Falls

Hole in one club

And after all this, they brought us out for supper - Olive Garden

We had time to visit Krispie Kreme

The tide has gone way out and still Matthew, Lisa, Jessika and Arianna are trying to stay on the beach as long as they can

The last day of their time with us

The last search for sea-shells

All good things come to an end and here they are departing Myrtle Beach International Airport for Canada -Matthew's flight was very early in the morning.


On their way back


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