This was a SNOWBIRD trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

29 Dec 2014 to 10 April 2015

This is a long trip of over 3 months so I will separate it into sections. You can use the hyper-link of sections below if you prefer to skip to your particular section of interest. Some pictures will be so numerous that you will find yourself on a different web-page. Merely go back to the previous page to carry on with your scroll when you are finished on that web-page.

Loading the car was no fun and we would never load it like that again! Let me say this once more for emphasis-We would never load the car like this again.

1) Mount Jackson (This will include the before and after Myrtle Beach pictures)

A couple of gifts for our friends for Christmas

A gift from our friends Tom & Marigene Little were waiting for us at John's House.

A gift from our friends Tom & Marigene Little were waiting for us at John's House.

Always Treated like royalty

Got to love the animals also!

The card game is a Betty looks with loving eyes at John....

The traditional passing of the arm over the people waiting to declare the winner

A Winner is declared

The winning dance

Everyone wants their picture taken with a winner!!!

As some of you know I am in the weight loss category. Trying to improve my health and losing weight is always a good start. In so doing I achieved a goal and had lost 37 lbs by the time we reached John & Betty's house April 2015. Though I do not use Weight-watchers, they treated me to a Weight-watcher's tradition of celebrating reaching your goal. I also love Frosted Flakes. It was fun and something that I really appreciated. When you strive for something for nearly a year, it is fun to be recognized...even by the Tiger ;) For those of you wondering, what I used to get to my goal, I use FITBIT.

2) Myrtle Beach

a. The Condo where we stayed...The Pinnacle

b. Restaurants we frequented

c. Golf Courses and pictures

d. River Boat cruise in Myrtle Beach

e. Visit to Charleston

f. Sunrises/sunsets in Myrtle Beach

g. Visit of Friends during our time there

h. Our new found Friends from Maine and our story

i. Walking and enjoying Myrtle Beach

j. Dolphins

a. Condo where we stayed...The Pinnacle

This is the condo that we are renting. We have been to Myrtle Beach two different occasions, the first time for 10 days and the second time for 14 days. If this condo proves to be what is depicted, this may be the location that we choose for years to come. Sharon and I have taken a three bedroom because there is always the possibility of having friends and family visit and we look forward to those times.

One point I do want to make here is that Sharon and I are non-smokers and we have chosen a non-smoking condo. No smoking is permitted in the condo nor on the balcony's. I do want you to take that into consideration when and if you decide to visit us.


b. Restaurants we frequented

click here

c. Golf Courses and pictures

click here

d. River Boat cruise in Myrtle Beach. Click Here

I stopped here after the cruise. Just got my picture taken. Couldn't afford to go in ;)


e. Visit to Charleston. We stopped to visit the famous Angel Oak first which was past Charleston. Click here to take a visit of Angel Oaks with us. Then we went to the centre of Charleston. Click here for that visit.

f. Sunrises/Sunsets in Myrtle Beach

This is one of our favorites. I have made it appear as an oil painting. For some more sun rise/sun set photos click here

g. Visit of Friends during our time there click here

h. Our new found Friends from Maine and our story click here for the story

i. Walking and enjoying Myrtle Beach

One of my favorite pictures. I only wish I could say I took it. Copyright belongs to Vickie Chaisson. Sharon feeding the birds. For other Myrtle Beach pictures click here

j. Dolphins

We were always on dolphin watch in the mornings. Sharon was the one who would sight them the most. She would yell...dolphin and I would run for the camera. I wish I had a 400 zoom F2.8. It would make the capturing of the animal faster (lens would be faster), and of course I would need VR (vibration reduction) so I can hand-hold.

I count 4 of them in this photo


Look how close it was to the beach...

Some people were oblivious to the dolphins

of course there are always birds. As you can guess with Sharon...I learned about the ages of Sea Gulls and how long they live etc...



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