This was a  visit to our friends in Mount Jackson, Virginia March 2013

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Sharon and I left on 24 March 2013 for Mount Jackson. It is located mid-way between Winchester and Harrisonburg Virginia in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley on I-81 at exits 273 and 272. Shenandoah is an old Indian name meaning "Daughter Of The Stars". The town of Mount Jackson was planned and developed in 1812 and was originally named Mt. Pleasant. The name was changed in honor of President Andrew Jackson, who was a frequent visitor on his travels from Washington, D.C. to his home in Tennessee.

John and Betty's house was beyond what John had described to me. It was a great piece of work and you could see the love and perfection that they assigned to that house.

This picture was taken in 2011 (click here for pictures of our last visit)....not the scene when we went down:

These are pictures of the day after we arrived

Well, we first sat down and played cards...Notice, they are all happy, only one is happy afterwards...In fact, I beleive the whole time we were there, we played cards every night and only one person continually lost-every night! Once he was close to winning but once we heard ....Ah Betty-Joe :( We knew he was lost!!!

Here is one of the films I took. The reference in the beginning about "what chapter" is because I was winning so often, I told them I would publish my own book on the subject :)

This is how we normally saw Sharon...with Baby...

Sharon and betty Warming-up!! One thing that both John and Betty talked about was their daughter's "blog". If you are into fashion, or just want to see what she is doing, I would recommend that you check out this site (and register if you have time).

I am inserting a picture of me and the dog known as "Boomer". The etymology of the name BOOMER can only be an account of something in his youth....For exaple, John and Betty's other dog is known as "BABY". Need I say anything more? I am inserting this picture under duress as John led me to believe, as he wrote "Boom is depressed because everyone was commenting on you photos and they made fun of him since he was not included. We had to take him to the VET today because he has PTSD. Two shots and he is like new :)" I can only imagine that the PTSD was on account of me forgetting (or intentionally neglecting) to account for his fine presence....

John in his den, contemplating...If I had a den like that...I would "contemplate" also!

Later that evening......

Wednesday, March 27th 2013, we went to Joe's Steak House for a Murder Mystery evening.

The actors in Mystery

Marjorie (really Karla Snell)

The above note is what the waitress (one of the cast) gave me to answer when it came time for her to have an alibi. For those of you wondering what "cow tipping" is, well....I will leave you to your research....

The guy on the left, on the floor, was our MC. The one on the right was the Chef.

The girl in red was the center of attraction and the one everyone hated.

The cast.

Thursday, 28 March 2013, we all headed to Washington DC to do some sightseeing. The temperature that day was mid 50 degrees Fahrenheit or approx 10-13 degrees Celsius. I mention this because we were freezing....There was a cold wind.

To see the pictures of our visit to Arlington and to Washington in general click on either words.

On 29th March, 2013, we went to Sal's Italian Bistro in Edinburgh, VA.

Erben Pinot Noir was the wine we had for supper. Erben Pinot Noir Qalitätswein b.A. is full-bodied fruity Pinot Noir is an excellent example of a new generation of German red wines. Great with pasta. Let me tell you, Betty and I enjoyed it!!

What we had for supper

A Chicken Parmigiana

I of course, had Lasagna

And everyone knows I also like Lemon

on The 30th March 2013, we played a little 9 hole golf course (it was a little cold)

We are leaving and here is Sharon waving goodbye.

Hey, something wrong, I was suppose to look like Rory McIlroy?

John on one of the nine's

After golf, we went to get 20,000 bees....yes! You read correctly!

On 31 March we went to church and then returned for Easter Supper.

When someone is an artist...they do designs everywhere...

On 1 April, Sharon and I departed for home.

We started with a good breakfast: It was really Orange Juice and Home Made Potato Soup....John and Betty talked about it all week, but never remembered to bring it out...or was it because they knew I loved it :)

We finally left after breakfast. Oh ya, all the card games we had played over the 9 days we were there, we had all won our share of games (me the most of course) but one little bit of trivia....John never won once!!!

We ended up visiting Hersey's in Pennsylvania and then stopping overnight in Dunmore PA at the Best Western. the link will provide you with the for this hotel. I liked it.

Here is what we got in Syracuse, N.Y. One hour before getting home.

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