This was a Holiday to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA - 5 to 13 October 2012

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This was our first holiday since I retired. From traveling twice and sometimes three or four times a year out of country to just one trip --- Myrtle Beach!! It was an enjoyable holiday with many great memories made with George and Lynda. Below is our hotel room - which was located four floors from the top. We had a room with an Ocean Front.

Upon our arrival, we noticed there were blackish spots in the ocean. Many times we asked what they were....we later found out. These are fish that are being followed by bigger fish....

Here is a video of some dolphins that we saw when we arrived....they really never came back after that...but other fish did!!!

George, Lynda and Sharon enjoying the COLD water...

A night time relaxation with a drink to remember the day

Now don't we look happy......

Every evening we would go out a choose a different restaurant for supper.

After every night came a sunrise. Announcing a beautiful day....

Sharon took the opportunity to type message emails on my Android tablet. She always ensured that family was kept up-to-date :)

Of course, afterwards, it was a trip to the ocean

That's me

Now Sharon went in the water and it was cold. Off to the right are two ladies, and to the right of them you'll find the heads of Lynda and George.

Just up the road from Beach Cove Resort (48th Ave S) was Barefoot Landing (on hwy 17). Many little shops alligators :)


To the back is our hotel from the 48th Ave S side

In Myrtle, on Celebrity Circle (a road), is a place called Broadway at the Beach.

There must be fishtanks else would everyone be looking at?

Wonder-works Myrtle Beach (click on link to learn about Wonder-works)

I was able to stop and pick up my Hard Rock Cafe Bottle Opener....

We all voted that the name of the place should have been CRABBY GEORGE'S..There's Crabby George coming out of the store now :)

Always a fun time with my friend, my wife...

Now as for these two???? Well, as of Christmas 2012, they are now engaged to be married.

At each Cracker Barrel restaurant, they have these little games you can play. I have beat it once or twice, but with George and the group, I never made it---and neither did they (am I competitive or what)?

One of the reasons we took the Beach Cove Resort is because it had one of the longest "lazy Rivers". Problem today was that it was nice outside, but the water in the Lazy River, is not heated. The faces on these ladies in the next few shots will depict the cold water effects :)

Nothing will affect George. Something I did not know about him before though--he does not swim in swimming pools--only in open water?

Our ladies though, they swim everywhere

One day while I was walking on the beach, I saw a "very" small wedding. I stopped, as many others did, and took a picture.

This night, we had Mexican--and Lynda always has shrimp with her meals and yes---there was a shrimp meal!!

Should I attempt it--yes or no?

Maybe I should have said no!!!! George and Lynda off to her right.

At this time of the year, there were plenty of fishermen on the beach. When you wonder what they are trying to catch, you have to wonder where they are in relation to "us" when we are in the water?

George and Lynda off for a walk. One day they walked for nearly 5 hours!!! Well, they are use to it. George has a cottage north of Montreal and they got lost in the woods around his cottage---and he's lived there for over 50 years!

Some hotels on the beach

Our hotel to the right and the far end

Sharon and Lynda waving goodbye

And the sun rises and sets on another day

We leave Myrtle Beach to find ourselves in an airport waiting for our flight home. George and Lynda drove down and will meet us later at our house with our luggage....

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