Conference in Spain Aug 2011

Zaragoza, Spain (here is their National Anthum-click pause when required)


As you notice, Zaragoza is closer to France than to the south. It does not look like it here, but Madrid (the capital) is the same distance away from Zaragoza as Barcelona.

Ray Raymond waited in line as I sat down - I still had a walking cast on my right leg.

Train station in Zaragoza.

On the 20th 0f Aug, we had a day where we could get acclimatized to the time zone we were in and see the sites that this city had to offer.

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On the 21st August, Ray and I ventured into Calatayud.

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The 22nd was a blur with a lot of work being done. On the 23rd though we went for an outing. That night we also had a traditional Spanish supper.

Left to right: Ray Raymond, Pierre Tassé, Jerome de Leeuw (the boss), Pablo Martin (The Host) and Skip Williams (absent was Ken Gaines as he had same friends that were in Spain)

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On the 24th August I headed for Barcelona.

No, this was my second stop..

This is what I was seening from the hotel room

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On the 25th, I had a long day ahead of me and the weather was holding out. It was a beautiful day. I caught the first tour bus out (9am :( ) and made my way through barcelona. There are pictures that I would have loved to take and places that I would have loved to go and visit or climb, but you must remember that I was being hampered by a "walking cast" and maneuvering around with a cane plus my camera. If I felt like an easy target for are right. So I kept to the main roadways where there were people-ergo, not my normal picture taking quality.

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All in all, Spain was a great place to visit. I would go back.

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