This was an ABCA Conference in April 2011

Edinburgh Scotland


Above you see the map of Scotland and a little of England and to the west you see Ireland.

We arrived on the 1st of April-no joke.

When you see this means that there is a video

We immediately left on Saturday for Glasgow to see Mamma Mia (yes, again!).

On Sunday we did some visiting, well, I went up to Arthur's Seat as I did not have the opportunity last time. George and I challenged the hill while Linda and Sharon went wandering around.

Sunday night Sharon and I had a "meet and greet" at the Edinburgh Castle. It was an event, spectacular as could be expected.

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I still had conferences to attend and that left Sharon and George with Lynda to visit a little. At night we went back to the Castle and I took this night shot

For everything that happened April 4 to April 8 2011 please see video or for a short version on a webpage, click here

We concentrated on Scotland north of Edinburgh. The map below is our road trip which began on Saturday the 9th of April and finished with our eventual departure from Edinburgh on Friday, 15th April.

Day 1 (Saturday 9 Apr)

Sharon at St Andrews

And George and Lynda at St Andrews

Aileen who was our hostess at the B&B

Day 2 (Sunday 10 Apr)

A visit to the Dunnottar Castle

Jacqueline was our hostess at the B&B

For April 9 and 10 adventures see video or click here for the shorter webpage viewing

Day 3 (Monday 11 Apr)

Need I tell you who this is?

Jim and Dot's B&B

Day 4 (Tuesday 12 Apr)

We stayed at a hotel in Fort William. Not the best of our memories.

For April 11 and 12 adventures see video or webpage click here

This picture is from Kilt Rock on the Isle of Skye.

Day 5 (Wednesday 13 Apr)

We stayed at the Stirling Hotel. Wow, was this great (mind you-there was no internet available in the rooms-they gave you a free 30 min voucher for the Lobby!)


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Day 6 (Thursday 14 Apr)

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Edinburgh. Very well done, very professional.

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Day 7 (Friday 15 Apr)

This was our departure back to Canada.

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