This was an ABCA Conference from 1 to 5 Nov 2010

This of course is the USA. I went to California which is the south West of the USA.

Here is a smaller look at where I went. More precisely I was at number 11-Coronado.

I inadvertently had my GPS going when I left Toronto. Here is the path that the airplane took.

Well, I started off with some Italian food. We went to an Italian place just down the road on Orange Ave. David Marcari to the left, me in the centre and Terry Honour to the right. (we all choose a Lasagna)


This is the Hotel that I was staying at, called the Glorietta Bay Inn. A great place I might add. I would recommend it to anyone going that way,


We visited the mount Soledad Cross this link will bring you to a web site that provides 360 degrees view of what I saw. Here are some of my pictures of that location-Click Here.

The Coronado Boat House was so peaceful in the morning. Here are some of my pictures taken of Coronado click here.


We all went to visit Midway on Thursday. Ed to the left, Michelle, Cate, Terry, me and Ruth.

To see my visit of the USS Midway, to see some of the pictures that I took Click here.

This is just outside the USS Midway. The position is famous and it is called "Unconditional Surrender"

I took this picture just outside of SeaPort Village. I was amazed at the colors.

Here are some other pictures of my tour of San Diego that I took- Click Here .

The hotel behind me is famous. There have been many dignitaries that have frequented this place. The tree that is right behind me, "Dragon Tree" was used in the 1958 movie, Some Like It Hot with Marylin Monroe.

The group went out for Supper. Italian again....lucky me. Even though some days it was over 100 degrees F, we always had a little chill in the evening.

People at the meeting: (Project Team leader: Ruth Putze is taking the picture) left to right, Ed Smeaton, Michelle Miller, Cate Tarsau, Darrin Cook, Ken Gaines, Kirk Jones, William Funches, Terry Honour, me and David Marcari.

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