This was an ABCA Conference in Orlando in April 2009

(to stop the music, press "pause")


The conference was held on the  Disney Resort at the hotel called "Shades of Green"

My room looked out on the first hole of the Mangolia Golf Resort

This little scenery is what is located in the middle of the Shades of Green

This is what the front looks like

There are water taxis that take you from point A to point B

Or you can take the little rail car

Or the Resort provided bus





After a fruitful week in the ABCA meetings, we departed for a professional development day in St Augustaine, Florida where we visited an old fort under the ever watchful eye of Keith Kittie, a UK exchange officer who had a flare for history.  To assist him was God Ohkle, a Canadian who, from first appearences you would think he lived during that time. :)


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