Garmisch, Germany (here is the National Anthum-click pause when required)

Garmisch is just south of Munich, look at where Zugspitz is located.

Well, we arrived for the NATO conference at the Edelweiss Resort in Garmisch and this place has not changed since the last time we were here.

This is our room with a spectacular view.

We loved the dessert place in the town- Hey, they say it is only around 100 calories!

On a day off we went to Innusbruck, Austria and this is the resturant that we stopped at:

We found nothing of interest there so we went to Oberammergau in Germany

After a friendly visit we found ourselves back in Garmish. Again the view of the mountain from our room was too majestic to not photograph

A resturant in Garmish

You have to admire the drawings on the houses.

Well this picture is the resturant where we had the dessert that was shaped as a swan. This place is good!!

You go into the resturant and you select the dessert that you want to have with your coffee.

Every town has some monument, this town is no different-but look at the background.

And of course anyone who knows Sharon, knows she loves going into Kathe for her Christmas shopping.

Back at the hotel, we take comfort near the fireplace

We were at the hotel over Halloween, so the decorations were plentiful

On another day off we went to Zurich, Switzerland

This is back in Garmish.

Sharon found a few local people that she could talk to.  Next photo is the hotel we would go to after the Edelweisse.

We checked into the Riessersee Hotel

This is what we could see from our hotel room.

Isn't this a spectacular view???

The hotel fireplace and the next photo is Sharon at the end of the water/pond near the hotel. It is here that she would go and feed the ducks. Notice how beautiful the weather is in November.

This is where we ate every day....

The ducks that I said Sharon fed. This is in fact the last day before we leave for Munich. Sharon use to stuff bread into her purse to feed the seemingly growing number of ducks that would come to her call....

Now we are off to Munich for a few days before we take our flight back home.  This is the entrance to the Marienplatz

When the hour approaches, people gather around to watch the movement of the statues within the church.

Next are pictures of the market

The picture where Sharon is buying a Ham Sandwhich is the location that we would go every time we went to Munich. This is our fourth time there.

Look at the color and also the variety of items available.

This is an ornament that has a nice fragrance and it sure smelled nice to Sharon. I told her it was not something we could bring on the plane.

The gentleman near the water fountain is drinking a bottle of beer. This is a tradition in Germany and let me tell you---when in Rome, do like the Romans!!

We went to this store a few years ago and liked what we bought, so we returned this year and loved the decor.

The doll that Sharon is holding in her hands is valued at $150 dollars. Note: She put it back----delicately.

The HB photo is the meca for all beer drinkers. It is a riot.

This is taken inside the famous church in the Marienplatz couryard.

Now we are out walking around the city and spending our last day.

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