This was a Logistic Conference in Georgia March 2009

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On 28 Feb I flew down to Atlanta for a course with the Georgia Tech Institute on Supply Chain. Anyways,  I took some time on Sunday to visit the CNN station and Coca Cola attraction before going back to the room to do some pre-course work.  Here are a few pictures of that day.  You will notice how beautiful and sunny it was when I went down!! By the way, Sharon was not with me--again!

I stayed at the Georgia Tech Conference Centre

Here is what I saw from my window.

In 1996, the Olympics were held in Atlanta.

Here was my goal--to visit the CNN facility


One of the "not so obvious" floor arrangements is that the different tiling on the floor of CNN is the continents of the world.

In case you were wondering if in fact I was there..did you see me giving the news?  And now for the rest of the story...

The next place I went to visit is the Coca Cola location. Did I forget to say it was snowing

This is suppose to be the couch they used in American Idol 2005 

I took an hour to go and visit the memorial for Martin Luther King


On Wed I went to take pictures of the Fox Theatre and the Georgian Terrace Hotel.

The Fox Theatre


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