This was an ABCA Project Meeting in March 2006

Salisbury, England (here is the National Anthum-click pause when required)

Everything starts with a plane ride--in Economy

We saw Stone Hedge from a far.

Salisbury England. We are staying at the Red Lion Inn. ( ).

Follow me said the spider to the fly

We went out for a traditional Fish and Chip supper

If you know Sharon, there is no reason to ask yourself "Why is there a picture of a Swan here"?

As well, no need to ask "Why Starbucks"?

Left to right John Dickhute, Lucas Hellsman, Terry, Anita Hellsman, me

Anita is another Swan lover

We took a walk and headed towards Salisbury Cathedral( . The building of the Cathedral was started in 1220 and took 38 years to complete. I took a tour up the cathedral spiral and let me tell you it was high. There is even a picture I took from the top of Sharon who decided to wait for me at the bottom of the climb.

Yes, we (I) made it to the top. (I did it for both of us)

Sharon in the distance

I am not saying we were very high but high is a relative term. Anything above ground floor is high!