This was a NATO Meeting in November 2006 (also our 30th Wedding Anniversary)

Amsterdam, Netherlands (here is the National Anthum-click pause when required)

The Netherlands vs Holland

The name Holland is widely used as being equivalent to the Netherlands; its use is similar to the use of England for the United Kingdom, or Russia for the defunct Soviet Union. Mainly people from other parts of the Netherlands sometimes object to this. They will point out that they are from the Netherlands, instead of the smaller part of the country that is called Holland. People from the southern provinces Limburg and Noord Brabant (Northern Brabant), which are mainly Roman Catholic, retain some bad sentiments against Holland. During the time of the United Provinces these areas did not have any political liberties and in fact were exploited as colonies. A culture of this exploitation and the feeling of being exploited remained until the second world war; only after this war, with the true modernization of the Dutch society did they become more free and did their relative power increase. The anti-Holland sentiment remained however, and is still relatively alive in these parts of the country.

Saying goodbye to family before getting on the plane in Ottawa.

Joshua was there

Saw Matthew before hand when he lived in Ottawa

We arrived-seemed like a day later--hey it was! at Amsterdam Airport.

Since we arrived the 20th we had our anniversary meal at an Italian restaurant. We went back again and that is why we are in different clothes.

Sharon calling Kathryn to let her know we are safe and sound.

A diamond factory! Sharon didn't miss this one...

This is a Coffee House, not one that you want to go into. We went into the CAFE House. boy you really have to be able to read when you go here (or smell, since there is a difference) hahahah

A Barbi exposition

This was our view from the back of our window to our hotel

Central Square

me preparing supper-it was an eat-in night

Sharon and birds---who knew?

For those who do not know Amsterdam, the XXX is not X-rated, it is their flag!

This is the largest Tulip warehouse/hot house in the world!

I would love to learn more about the Logistics of how this operations works.

Where they do all the auctions

You have all heard of Delft

He is the token "painter" all the others are contracted out to get the job done. He is there for the pictures and tourists.

This is the main house where everything is done (mainly through contracts)

You may not see it clearly, but this is a ferry that goes from one side to the next for pedestrians.

This is the famous miniature world of Amsterdam

Sharon and I on a tour bus, touring Holland



The old versus the new

A NATO supper, justifying why we were there!

A Woman driver?

This view is something called the 7 bridges or something like that, I do not remember. But it is a mirror like view where you look and see the bridge, and then the next bridge etc.

3 years later, I would be staying at a hotel not far from this building

Everyone has something to say. Just with some, we need a translator!

From one form of art

To another

I wonder how long he had to hold his hand there for the pose???

I love how I did this by nearly blurring out the passer-bys...Now, wish I could remember what I did!!! :)

Yes, back at that Italian resturant

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