Florida (here is the National Anthum-click pause when required)

Sharon and I went to Florida. I was there briefing Canadians on the Logistic matters that would concern them as they were taking over being Lead Nation in Afghanistan. Needless to say, Sharon was at home and her car (a Park Avenue that she loved) caught on fire and she was depressed. All that to say I told her to get some leave, get a flight and come on down for a week. She thought about it for a minute and found her way to Tampa, Florida.

Here is Sharon in front of our hotel in Tampa.

Sharon in the pool

The neat thing about being in Tampa over the winter months was that her parents were just over in Clearwater Florida-west of Tampa. It was about 30 mins away from our hotel.

Mr Leighton in his trailor

The two borthers look so much alike

Sharon and Uncle Billy

Visiting Uncle Billy's Trailor

We brought them out to Red Lobster


We took a trip (it was just suppose to be 30 mins) it lasted an hour...to a beach they use to frequent...

Saying goodbye is always the hardest thing to do

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