1974 - 1975

Egypt's National Anthem

Israel's National Anthem

Just joining the military, my first deployment, as a private, was to Ismailia Egypt. It was from Sep 1974 to May 1975. I started in Ismailia and finished in the Golan Heights. I asked to be transferred there as my dad was a warrant Officer in Ismalia and I preferred not to be influenced (nor my supervisors influenced) by my dad.

There are no pictures of Ismailia, here is the picture of Camp Roofless aka Golan Heights.

Out of sequence, but I went to Damascus Syria for both business and pleasure. I am getting my picture taken...obviously old technology.

We had probems on the road and I am there to help

The entrance to Camp Roofless

My locker behind me and here I am writting a letter to Sharon (which is how we met-through the mail)

This is Colin. He is the one who introduced me to Sharon - at least on paper.

We spent many hours playing chess

I of course spent my spare time writing to Sharon

And showing off my medal

The beard growing contest was over...

Back to the norm

Dad came to visit me and see how I was doing.

RP on my sleeve, represents reegimental police.

I brought my dad to my place of work...

Colin and I just received our medals

Yes, I smoked in those days ;(

And had that filthy habit of having a drink of two...

Or three


We did not have running washrooms or abolutions...here I am shaving in the morning

We started out in these tents

My job was also to drive to Damascus and get some earth for our bunkers back at the Camp

To drive some of the vehicles, I asked my Transport supervisor to ensure I was qualified. He did so by inserting the qualification on my DND 404's as they are called.

In Tel Aviv on holidays and here I am writing to Sharon

I went on leave (holidays) with my Sgt Caron. We were a two man section so when one left, we all left.

This is a picture of my mother and I in Cario

We are nearing Christmas 1974

The Rothmans was a show that toured the Canadian troops locations during the Christmas season

Colin and I took a tour of Tiberias on horseback.

That is Lake Tiberias in the background

At the end of our tour we took a C130 Herc and stopped over in Cyprus. Here I am in front of the Hydra Palace in Nicosia Cyprus.