Sharon had organized a party at the FFOM (Fort Frontenac Officer's Mess) for the 15th Oct 2011

The event was a really good turn-out. I only list the first names.

There were friends from Virginia (John and Betty), friends from Kitchener that I had not seen in years (Rory and Ruth -with their son Carl), Rusty and his wife Ellen (Kingston), George and Linda (St Catherines), JM (Ottawa), my parents (Gatineau), my two sisters and their families Pauline (Kanata) and Pierrette (Chateauguay), my cousin John and Joanne (Ottawa), Annalea and family (Montreal) and Steve & Shelly (Pointe St Claire), golfing partners in Rob and his wife Glenda (Kingston), Lucas and Annita (Orleans), neighbours Leonard & Jackie, Reg & Dianne and Kirk and Marie France. My friends of 36 years were also present with their family, Abe and Dianne (Kingston), From work (Army Doctrine) I had LCol Egan, Don (and his wife Cheryl), Bill, Jack, Therese and a friend Gord (CF Joint). A friend Ray (from Ottawa) had dropped by earlier in the week to give me a card and a little something (He had to leave for a NATO conference). Friends Dave and Patty (Watertown USA) could not make it but they sent a little something as did my NATO friends in Washington. Kim and her husband Silvio (Vineland) also sent down a little something. Our photographer and friend of Kathryn, Deb and her husband Bruce were there. My sons Matthew and Thomas were there with their families.

The weather was a real deterrent for  some others that chose to travel on the Saturday. Family like Amanda (my god daughter) was away in Europe doing her job and Liette (like a sister) was in California.

Sharon framed a picture of me of a few years ago and people signed around it. As I notice, there are some that did not that I wish would have...but that is life. What a great thought and a good memory.



First comes a presentation of gifts from the military and subsequent speeches.

Left to right: Maj Don Furuness, LCol Frank Egan and Maj (Retired) Pierre Tassé

Pictures of the Speech click here and for your own copy of my speech entitled "A Few Good Men" click here

Left to right: Matthew, Thomas, Sharon, Kathryn and me in the middle


There was a lot of representation from many areas and I want to thank them all for coming.  

Below you will see some of the people mixing in and out of hand-shakes and hugs...