2000 to 2009


Feb. I had invited my dad down for the Logistic's Birthday and gave him the honor to cut the cake.

The family at Red Lobster

Here is the Christmas dinner which is a tradition in the military that the senior officer serve the youngest soldier and in this case, I served Matthew.


New Year's Day We have Abe & Dianne and Ron and Lena to celebrate with

I was posted from ILS to the 1 Canadian Division so here I was presented a going away gift from Capt Farral.

I was in the Div for a few months when 911 broke out. I went to Bahrain-I had deployed as part of Canada's recce to establish an National Support Contingency

Yes, it was rough

Some friends along the way...did I mention how rough it was...

Coming back home, at the airport

Went to see Sharon at work


I had deployed again in January until April and upon my return, a medal

We took the kids on a 1000 island cruise

Guess who turned 50?



In January, I was sent to Tampa and further on to the UAE as a Logistic advisor as Canada was taking the lead role in Afghanistan from the Germans.

We were bottling wine bottles for Kathryn's upcomming wedding

On Sharon's birthday, she always wants to go to Picton

It is so enjoyable


I think this is #10 at Black Bear.

Isn't this the life?

I know Sharon is enjoying it

As you can see, I always write articles when I do not like what I hear or read

Father's Day

This was at Pauline & Rob's place in Kanata. I don't remember the reason we all went it..but we did


Another Father's day outing with our dad's, in this case, it was Rob and his dad

Don't know how it started but Matthew and Thomas always seem to get into this pose.

I think Thomas and I were at Mont Tremblent at Danny's invitation


I got the Base Commander's Commendation

A meal at Minos


Renewing our vows. Right after, we went on ouor way to Amsterday (Click here for pics)


I was on the Canadian CFB Kingston St Lawrence Cup Team for over 10 years. We played the USA every year.


Father's Day. I took my dad golfing every year on this day until he could not golf any more. I was a tradition.

My dad gave me his rifle that he used while in the military. How he got it is another story.

The LFDTS team. We won that year.

Sharon visiting her dad (he passed away in 2009 click here for obit)


The kids slept over many times

Christmas at Le Chateau


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