This page goes from 1977 to 1999


Sharon in Three Rivers. Also George and Kim with Sharon



Announcing the future birth of Matthew

October 1978


My Junior Leader's Course. I was top Candidate


My time at Royal Roads Military College

Graduating from RRMC



Having a drink with John Barrett

My time as coach of the ladies RMC Broomball Team


Family picture in Wainwright Alberta


Oromocto NB and a visit from the inlaws

A promotion to Captain by LCol Senecal


I was posted to Valcatier Quebec. Here I am with Thomas

Family picture. The patch over Thomas' eye happened when a bottle busted.

The 5 Svc Bn golfing group.

1991 Posted to Kingston

At my parent's 40th wedding celebrations


We just ran the 10K in Ottawa. I was the Materiel Control Officer in Kingston and they worked for me. Great bunch

We were heading out to a murder mystery evening. You wouldn't know it but I was dressed as a nerd. We even parked two blocks away from the event since statistics have proven that 93.5% of the accidents happen within a block of the house.


I went for my Command Staff course behind the wall at Ft Frontenac. Here is a picture of the group at Ft Benning

Once completed the course, I went for my Financial Officer Course to allow me to be chosen to go to Joint Task Force 2.


I went what they call "IR" (Imposed Restriction) to Ottawa with Matthew. So we took the time to have a supper at a German resturant with my mom and dad

One thing that was important in JTF was fitness

Anne, Steve, Annalea and Sharon

As you see on the accreditation, I was part of the 15th Commonwealth Games.


Sharon and SNL Ottawa


1 Jan 1996


Celebrating my dad's 70th birthday

I was taking over ILS in Kingston



I was completing my Professional Logistics Certification (PLog)


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