43rd Wedding Anniversary

The 20th Nov 2019 was our 43rd Wedding Anniversary. Yes, lots of memories and we thought about the past 43 years. Time goes by so fast. I wanted to surprise my lovely wife with something that was different and at the same time, knowing how we have two kids in the area...try and have our extended family (grandkids, wives, and Sangeeta) to come and at least toast with us our time together. This was not going to be something big, just something to say that it is a special day.

Well, unfortunately Sangeeta was volunteering and Kheayali was a little under the weather, Thomas was able to leave work early and Kathryn and Katryna were there to meet us.

I had decided to take Sharon to the Best Western Fantasy Suites and book the Flights of Fantasy suite. As I hope you'll be able to see in the pictures/videos that follow, it is a great place. I know that Kathryn and Katryna enjoyed it. Thomas had to leave soon after our toast as he had a previous engagement.

This is the main door to all the Fantasy Suites

This is the door to our Fantasy Suite

I went to the bar downstairs, called Tom's Place and picked up some Champagne glasses and a drink for Kathryn. I forgot to stay still when she took a selfie.

Kathryn and Katryna were enjoying the large hot-tub

Grandma, the Lifeguard

Thomas arrived

The front desk sent us complimentary Champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries

We finished off our evening with supper and drinks at Tom's Place and we had service from a waitress that we've had at 3 different restaurants...Sharon loves a good iced margarita

I am more into history...a bloody Caesar for me ;)

Here are some videos...on some phones, tablets or computers, the voice of the many videos may overlap. Just so you know if it sounds like there's a big party going on ;)

And a video taken by my daughter-Kathryn