(Note, there are two videos that are playing as you loaded this page. To listen to each you'll have to pause each one and the press play) Sorry also about the portrait and landscape modes, it seems my daughter could not make up her mind ;)

The 40th is something to remember, so I started early. on the 1st of November at 20 days to the event

Then I waited until our 40th minus 10 days and gave her

The only thing I changed was the restaurant. Both Sharon and I do not like heights and I read that the elevator that takes you up is mostly glass encased, so I opted out of that one!!

On Saturday, we were having the family over. So, for color, I bought Sharon (well also because I love the way her eyes light up when I give her things)

The card on the mantle are from family and friends. The two that are different in both pictures are the front of the cards that I gave Sharon. One is of Eilean Donan Castle in the Highlands of Scotland where Sharon and I visited (we actually stayed at a B&B right in front of it), and the other one is Canberra Parliament in Australia where we visited in 2009.

But family started to arrive. Our youngest Jonah who was born on 13 January 2016

We were all having fun

In this one we were waving to Lisa (Matthew's wife) as her train was passing by Kingston as we were having a few drinks.

But I digress. Before Supper, the family sat us down...

...and got us to go and put something on. Such an innovative and great gift. Now she must always be on my right...well, it is natural since she is so right for me.

So we sat down for supper and had a great Ham spread. No pictures of the ham-just Matthew playing with the whisk

I guess we were just so hungry ;) Thomas got up and made a sensational speech...Thank you Thomas

Thank you very much for that Thomas, those words were touching for your mother and I.

Then Sharon got up and made her own speech and I was so touched that she did that. Sharon very rarely says anything.

She is nearly crying

This is one of my favorite pictures

And of course we all toasted each speech.

Given the importance of this event, I also had a few words to say. I said them sitting down.

        Welcome and thank you for being here today. I would just like to say a few words if I may.

        I believe celebrating a wedding anniversary should never be overlooked, it helps reinforce the fact that we believe our marriage is a priority. After 40 years some people may begin to wonder if complacency can set in. Well as I look back: we have gone to Zürich, Switzerland, then Germany, Florida, France, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands (where we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary), Scotland, Australia, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and many times to our winter destination of Myrtle Beach along with Disney World.

        When we look back over the years, there were a few times when we could not celebrate because I was away or we just did not have the opportunity.  But when we look at what we have accomplished in raising a family, you have become our celebration.

        But what is a celebration: Google defines it as "the action of marking one's pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity."

        Mom and I are celebrating 40 years of marriage of constant give and take and trying to support your partner. 40 years! That is what a lot of people say and it's something your mother and I did not think about when we started out.

        Mom and I have support for each other and for each other's goals and aspirations. We love each other.

        This is something as we are approaching this milestone.

        I took the time to formally look up the meaning of marriage- again, Google defines it as "the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a relationship."

        But when I look at this definition, I find that our relationship is more than that.

        We have a marriage that has grown from two people trying to figure out what it means to always be together and that developed into a family of three and then into multiple families with their own offspring....our grandchildren.

        Then I took the time to look up what is the definition of family - again Google defines it as "A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household." Well, we are still a family though we do not live in the same household.

        Before I conclude, please raise a glass to the greatest wife and mother of my kids and the greatest grandmother that one could ever hope to have and also toast the greatest family any family could ask for.

        Yes, wedding anniversaries are a celebration, an important event.
        Mom and I are grateful that you all are choosing to share in its importance with us. But we are not to be the center of that celebration. The celebration does start with us but only radiates outward because of all of you.

        You, especially, our three kids - who have started all of this --giving us grandkids, and your companions in life which has a lot to do with making this an occasion to remember.

        In so doing, we would like to give each of you an envelope with something we all need this time of year. With it enjoy your family as mom and I enjoy the family we have grown to become.

Thank you.

Some of the movie will be sideways and some will be straight,..my daughter was not sure which was the best angle...

We can always use money in our lives, and only God knows how much we would have appreciated it in our lives. This was not a Christmas present but just a way of Sharon and I giving to our kids who (even though they do not realize it) have given us so much. Looking at their smiles is what makes giving all worth while.

Well, once the giving was completed, we started with cake

Then some relax time and, for those so inclined, some drinking

Now we are leaving on Friday for Toronto and coming back on Monday. More to add after our trip.

First, and foremost, we decided to go by VIA Rail. What a great decision. Waiting for the train in Kingston.

It just so happens that our daughter-in-law (Lisa-Matthew's wife) is a Service Manager for VIA Rail and she was able to upgrade us from Economy to Business. WHAT A DIFFERENCE

Our Lisa, taking care of everyone...

And we arrived rested and anxious to take on Toronto

Chelsea Hotel Toronto

There are 6 elevators and it seemed only about 3 of them were working...but I do jump ahead of myself in the story. When I checked in, I was mentioning to the Clerk that this is our 40th Wedding Anniversary and she upgraded us to Club House with a King sized room. Club House includes the breakfast and snakes at night...what a treat. Loved it. I looked for her every time I went down to thank you but never saw her again.

A nice view

Yes, this is high and could not beleive the No Smoking sign out here...

Saturday we went to see Matilda-I got seats "real close"

That night we were just deciding if we were going out or not for supper and we got a knock at the door

Well, with a glass of wine and my wife, we decided to stay in. Thank you Matthew and family for the wonderful thoughts and tray.

The next morning we headed up for the ClubHouse breakfast

Well, off to see Toronto and the Santa Claus Parade...and maybe the CN Tower

Needless to say it was cold. We stopped and picked up some Tim Horton Toques.

The Santa Claus Parade

Do you see the elevator behind the glass???

Something about going all the way up and knowing that I would be standing on the circle that is not supported underneath

On our way back to the hotel, we saw these dresses in the window. So fancy. Did I mention that my grandfather Oscar Tassé use to do that for a living and received awards for being a Window Dresser?

We stopped at Hard Rock for some soup ....Ya! Right! One thing Hard Rock does not do-is soup!!

Now it was getting late and we needed to get back to the room and change for our supper at The Keg

Of course we took the prime rib

And she enjoyed it!!

That night (the night before we left to come home) the fire alarm went off. We were in room 2473. The announcement came over the speaker that the alarm was caused by the 4th floor and would everyone on floors 3,4 and 5 please evacuate. Sharon got dressed. I told her that on the 24th floor, if something were to happen, it was nice knowing you.

The walkway around to the gym and near the pool gave Sharon concern as this portion juts out from the main building

Since we were awake early in the morning, I changed our train tickets and booked us for an earlier train. It would not be the same train as Lisa, but it would get us to Kingston during daylight hours. As it turned out, Lisa knew the Service Manager on our train and got us upgraded to Business Class - again. She apologized since we most likely would not get a meal but we'd get plenty of coffee. Let me tell you. It was fabulous. THANK YOU

And now we are home and resting...Sharon is very sick and I am just happy to be home. Glad that we took a train to Toronto and did not drive.

Now to get on with another 40 years!!


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