In Feb 1976, Valentine's Day, Sharon and I got engaged

Here Sharon stands between her parents and I between my mother and father

My dad is always the joker. I am sure he asked me to check his teeth or somthing to make sure he was alright. Such a funny man.

The hosts for the evening were Joe & Nancy Kisner. Nancy is Sharon's sister.

We opened a few gifts


Then on 20 November, 1976, we had our wedding

Sharon with Belinda getting ready for the wedding and the next picture is Sharon beside her mother and father at their house


Sharon being walked down the aisle by her father.

At that time, I was a private in the military. Here we are sitting, waiting for the priest to say some words. To Sharon's left is her brother, Steve.






Sharon and I posing with my grandmother, Regina Laquerre (nee Daunais) and her husband, Charles Laquerre

In this picture of the two families, you'll notice that my dad was in his military uniform also. He was a warrant officer in the Logistic's Branch stationed at that time, in Trois-Rivières, Québec.

We had a custom in that time to have a "money dance". To have the distinct privilage of dancing with the bride and groom, you pinned money on them and were able to dance with them. Here is my cousing, Jacques Tassé standing in front of Sharon.

The end result

My dad was always good at speeches and always had a way with words.

Here is my uncle Silvio and my sister Pierrette with Sharon.

Sharon's family sisters and brothers. George on the left, Sandra, Barbara, SHaron, Belinda, Nancy and Steve.

Pierrette and Mike Shea with us

A picture with my little sister Pauline

I loved this part! lol

Getting ready for our honeymoon

We left on the 21st and spent the night in Princeville at this hotel



By the 22nd, we were in Ville de L'Ancienne-Lorette and the next day I was at work.



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