The whole weekend started with Danny and Pierrette coming from Gatineau, Mom coming from Hull, Pauline coming from Woodlawn Ontario and Pierre & Sharon coming from Kingston. We all seemed to meet at a hotel chosen by Danny in Old Montreal called L'Hotel. It was so funny getting everything started because my mother would ask Danny what hotel he reserved (as did I) and he would say it was L'Hotel! We'd say yes, not a B&B, not a Motel...I get it. Which Hotel? Westin, Hampton Inn, Fairmount...Danny would say no...L'Hotel. After a few with me, I just typed in L'hotel...and OMG, it came up. It was built in 1870 and is called a "boutique hotel". It was close to all the locations we'd like to see. On the 6th we all met (regardless of traffic) we arrived at 2PM at L'Hotel. Gave the valet our SUV and never worried about parking after that. We were assigned our rooms by the MC of the event "Danny" and proceeded to see each of the rooms! Fantastic suites. I never took pictures of the other rooms but here is the room that Sharon and I stayed in:

What are pictures of the rooms if you don't have a picture of the Washroom lol

After setting everything in our rooms, we sat to have something we don't do often...have a drink

Once we had things in hand and sorted out our rooms, we saw Danny in his room and mom was wondering if she could walk all the way to where we were going in her shoes. Picrrette, looked through he 11 suitcases and found she didn't bring her "ugly" pair of comfortable shoes, so Danny said that the other option was he could carry her.

Since Danny worked in this part of town since his early University days, we ended up in Place Jacques-Cartier square. The square was built here by the city in the first half of the 19th century, but this initiative was simply an acknowledgment of a much older reality. As archaeologists have found, people have gathered at this site for generations. It has always been one of the most popular spots in Montréal! 

While I was looking at my sister Pierrette, I noticed that her watch matched her lipstick which match her finger nails which matched...well, the list goes on. MY SISTER!@!

We walked arm in arm through the town on old cobble stones.

We are all wondering if Pierrette will be able to do it...she has the experience, it is just that her length of arm could be limited lol Then we realized that she was taking a selfie of her and we just happened to be in the picture. hahah

On our walks Danny pointed out our restaurant which we had reservations for 6PM tonight....looked like a "hole-in-the -wall" but who am I to complain. A place called Gibbys.

Well, we ended up walking back to L'Hotel and started to get ready for our reservation timing...since we had to walk the short distance etc.

We had a beautiful take near a very old wall that gave the place so much character and atmosphere.

I am with my lovely wife

Some of the meal...these were really big shrimp

My Lamb with Mint....OMG so good

Filet mignon for Sharon

Then before dessert they decided to celebrate my birthday and mom's "would be" anniversary. I was delighted to share that with mom and that they would do that for us.


Also some other dessert came and my mother shared her Crème brûlée with me. It was not one of those small little things...

We left Gibby's feeling full and, of course, happy. We had a great time. Now off to L'Hotel.

It was late in the evening and I am sure we all feel asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. The next day we were going to mom's Church where she got married 72 years ago on the 7th of Oct 1950. We were hoping to see L'Abbé Guy Bérubé of Chapelle Notre-Dame de Lourdes. First, we had to get there. Danny drove Sharon and I and then went back to get the rest. I wanted to leave my car in Valet service so I didn't have to look for parking.


Who was in the front seat riding in the next Lexus RX 350?

Well, we finally made it to the Church


Mom was telling me how the chairs for her and dad were just beside her and she could visualize it.

Pauline was dispatched by mom to find who could/would bless her rings since she was sure that L'Abbé Dubé wouldn't be there. She loved him so much, he is so interesting, last year he spent a whole hour with us in another room and Gérard the husband of Therese was there and had all the family album to show along with some of our pictures.  I feel and felt so good seeing him not expecting to see him at all.  I am sure that dad had something to do in this day OUR day

He said a nice prayer over mom's rings

Pauline was next to get her rings blessed

And Pierre & Sharon get their rings blessed

Satisfied and fulfilled, mom gives a last look at the church where they got married so many years ago...until next year she says.

Back to L'Hotel

The next morning we sent a photo to the group saying we were at breakfast...waiting lol In case they were looking

Finally, I would like to thank Danny and Pierrette for organizing this for mom who does this every year with Pauline since the year my father, her husband passed away. This is the first year that mom's three children were able to be there with her.


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