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Rita Laquerre & John-Paul Tassé


7 October 1950


This was their courting days. They are a good looking couple.

What was grandpa Louis Oscar Tassé so fervently praying about? Anything to do with the wedding?

My Parents walking out of the church-Notre-Dame de Lourdes

Well, for the people that can remember, lets see how many of the wedding participents, that we can pick out. click here to test your memory. (By the way, if our collective memory was not good, email me and I will make the necessary corrections).

The walked out on the stairs where they had their reception. (Check out what it looks like today go to Google Maps and type in 556 Ontario Street, Montreal H2L0B6).

They began their married life, 60 years ago!!

It is funny how everyone wants their pictures taken with the bride and the groom is left alone!!

My mother doing one of two things (picture on the left)-On the right she is with my uncle Rolly Tassé

(1) a touch of love to her new "dad" Tassé or (2) Just showing off her wedding rings? :)



Mom, lovely dress and dad looks so happy. (Why are men always dressed in black suits and women in white (bright white) dresses.) From the day we get married, we never stood a chance! haha

It is all legal

Places where my dad and mom were (once they were married)


Now we fast forward to 2010, Oct 60th wedding anniversary

First it begins with a supper with Pauline and family click here

Then, "who wants a party?"

On that note----it moves to

(Before I go any further, these photos are not all mine and have been provided by the following: Danny Pothier, Liette, Matthew (my son), My Mother-Rita and my sister Pauline)

The event starts, we have the Pre-Entrance

Next we have an entrance to the organized party click here

The next occurance was the Meet & Greet Click here

Here is one of the pictures in the collection: Gilles Benjamin talking with his uncle, Jean-Paul Tassé

The next in the line of presentations is a collection of pictures about the people that were present the 10th of Oct 2010 (10-10-10).

This is one of the Meloches-with a bit of photo shop freedom,,For more pictures click here


While the majority of people went home to rest and relaxation....

Some went to the CASINO!!