2022 15 April, Thomas brought Gavin out for Easter. Jasmine was with Kathryn visitng Joshua at that time. They are eating at The Works!

Katryna, Jonah, Joshua and Jasmine

17 April...Thomas tests positive for COVID and his grad picture from his program.

26 Apr Thomas finishes a long 6 month program called BUILDING the BENCH LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM which gets him ready for progression up the leadership ladder

15 May Cassandra's Wedding

On 28th May Thomas and Kheayali went to a wedding of their friends in Toronto. They looked amazing

1 June, when they are short of drivers, everyone does their part-including Thomas (Operations Supervisor•Stock Transportation). Here he is begining to drive his bus

5 June: Thomas brought Jasmine to watch Top Gun

Jasmine Turns 17 years old click here

21 Jul Thomas, Jasmine and Gavin came over to help retransplant a few of mom's plants. Thomas got Kangol hats for the three of them and it looks really good! Nice family.

Then it was "rest and relaxation"

Then a bite to eat at Popeyes-photo taken by long-arms Thomas...

And then 25 Jul with Grandma and then Hunter and his girlfriend

Then went on to see Eric and his girlfriend

Then they were off to Niagara Falls

First day of School-sister and brother!!

22 Sep 2022: Jasmine just got her driver's license today, passed on her first try


Diwali 2022

Though it was at Thomas and Kheayali's house

Sangeeta spent the whole day preparing and setting things up for a Dewali celebration

Mother and proud daughter

We all enjoyed the food

Thomas had to explain to us how to eat "dosa"

We realized when we saw their lovely dresses that we, as visitors, were under-dressed for this festive occasion.

Thank you for the celebration and the company

On 26 Nov 2022 we went to Coco Fruitti with Thomas and Jasmine

And then again on 4th of Dec

2022 9 Dec Before the Lasalle HS dance Jasmine and her best friend Haily

Later that night


Thomas getting ready to go to his STOCK party

March Break Myrtle Beach

24 Apr supper at the Keg with Aunt Pierrette and Uncle Danny

30 April at Pauline's for Courteney's Surprise Engagement Party

Celebrating 3 Months together at Greco's in Kingston

6 May celebrating Gavin's 16th Birthday

(Note: Jessika was visiting for a week)

Not a shy 16 year old!!

12 May, bringing Jessika to the train station as she heads back to Montreal. She stayed with Thomas & Jessica for a week.

20 May celebration Katie (Eric's girlfriend) Jasmine, Eric, Hunter, Gavin and Danielle (Hunter's girlfriend)

Father's Day 2023 Begins with him at home getting a gift from his kids

Gavin didn't have a Father's Day card for his dad but he wrote something for him. Lovely thoughts and shows the type of father Thomas is and how he is loved and respected.

I would like to start out by wishing you, Father, the most wonderful time during this well deserved holiday. You have raised two absolutely amazing and impeccable children, but we can talk about that later. Being a Father is not easy in the slightest, and I understand that wholeheartedly. But I want to truly try and put into words why you are unique in the way you raise your children. I understand you have always tried to be strict and set rules, but my favourite times with you is those times when you can just relax with us and we can spend time together. Just two night ago, for example, when me and you were just talking while playing diablo 4, was truly enjoyable and comfortable to have your presence around. Or those time when we used to make cuddle mountains on the couch, as I liked to call them in my mind, when we would watch a movie while being really close to you and snuggling nice and tight. I daresay that is a very rare sight to see with the relationship between child and parent these days, but the fact that you care about us so much and have it in your heart to always forgive and forget is something I truly admire. You have always made sure to be a strong role model, even in the short time we have together, and keep on loving us fiercely through our mistakes. I appreciate you being such an amazing father to us and making sure we progressed properly in life. You have always been there for me, whenever I needed it, and that has affected me much more than you realize. I would like to say one last time, thank you for being such an amazing father

Have a wonderful Fathers day Dad


Then over to dad's house for supper

Jasmine Graduates from High School

For a complete picture rendering of this event, click here

4 July-Now she is going off to her prom

On week of 25 July Thomas and Jessica went to a trailer near water for peace and quiet and renewal. Look at their beautiful view...

It was a beautiful vacation needed to get away from the daily responsibilities of life. The disconnection within an off-grid trailer was the best situation for this. We were able to engage in some friendly games of scramble, which Thomas is "King". We enjoyed coffee with a picturesque view. It was the ideal location to remove the worries of the world. Thomas made French press coffee every morning. We managed the humidity with a swim in Mellon Lake, which was refreshing until the fish decided to try and snag a bite on my belly button ring. That was the quick end to the swimming adventure. Thomas embraced his impeccable chef skills with BBQ prime rib steaks cooked to perfection with a delicious accompaniment of Spinach, mushrooms and onions. Thomas embraced his manliness by making an outstanding fire. We did enjoy it within the comforts of the screened room as the mosquitos tried to carry us away. We made it out of the trailer with Thomas's skillful driving skills as it was on an ATV road. The connection and experience will be remembered for a lifetime. Now, to see what the next adventure holds for us. Overall, much-needed relaxation was had in the comforts of Stone Mills Township


At the 6th month in their relationship, Thomas and Jessica went to Chez Piggy

At a pool party on 6 Aug, it is nice to see Thomas and Jessica smiling and enjoying the sunshine before getting back to the "grind"


10 Sep. last day at their first home

Finished a move back home


23 Sep 2023

The family is off to meet Gavin's girlfriend who lives in Pennsylvania. 6 hr road trip.

Gavin and Kayla


24 Oct for no reason at all, Jessica and Thomas go out for a quiet supper


Buying stuff at Golf Town 4 Nov


Weekend of 10-11-12 Nov Thomas, Jessica and Gavin went to Philly again to see Gavin's girlfriend and their family.

You see the bell a little better here. A little note: The Liberty Bell is a well-known symbol of freedom in the United States.

The bell was first made in 1752 for the Pennsylvania State House, now known as Independence Hall.

Thomas and Jessica in front of Pennsylvania House of Representatives

So left to right-Thomas, Jessica, Makara (the mom), Kayla, Ron (the dad) and Avi another daughter and sister to Kayla.

Chinatown Neighborhood the Pennsylvania Chinatown is a bustling showcase of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean cultures and cuisines.

Gavin and Kayla

And then they came back home saying they'll visit again


Thomas smoked an excellent Leg of Lamb


We're so proud of Jessica.


2 Dec going to STOCK Christmas party


A get-a-way to Ottawa for the Christmas Market 9 Dec


Jessica and Thomas enjoy the weekend of transition for Jessica. Goin from 39 years old to 40. Entering the 4th decade of her life.

For her fun filled time, click here


DQ Time



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