Last Saturday being 39 - Ottawa Christmas Market
(Jessica in front of the christmas tree)

Thomas and Jessica at the Market

Then the week of countdowns

A week of notes to our son's partner--Jessica.

We decorated a little for Jessica

Jessica and Thomas at Casa Domenico. Thomas wanted her last days at 39 years old to be memorable...which, in her words, they were. It was relayed to me that her friends threw her a surprise party at Casa Domenico when she turned 30 and now Thomas closes out the 3rd decade with a trip down memory lane. Well done.

Then at 40, Thomas had the whole day planned out.

First and foremost, it's off to Coco Fruitti for breakfast

And they made a special cake just for her

But first we had a few presents (well one) for her to open.

Thomas has made my day so special. He took me to the holiday market at the Tett centre. Then he brought to find the ultimate tranquility with sun, water with a delicious coffee watching the sunset, to calm all my heightenness!!

Then after the sunset we went to the Red House West for her first drink as a 40 year old

Kathryn dropped off a bear thinking Jessica would be there but alas, the girl was out living life to the fullest. Jessica still enjoys the bear.

You have raised one amazing son, so happy he chose me! I got an amazing additional set of parents with him.

I am beyond grateful for all of you xoxo Bring on the new decade with this outstanding cheering squad to embrace it with me!

Now we are off to bowl, let’s hope he keeps his competitiveness at a par I can try and make an appearance on the board. Yikes 😬 lol

It was a surprise party and yes she was surprised. Thomas went all out planning for the last 30 days trying to reach all Jessica's friends. It worked wonders as everyone was so pleased, so surprised.


Finishing off her birthday celebrations---finally---immediate family went to Montana's.

Picture of the group is thanks to Thomas. From left to right, Thomas, Jessica, Kevin (brother), Andrea Kevin's fiancée), (Jessica'sd parents) Mike and Joanne and then us, Pierre and Sharon.

I asked Jessica to keep her eyes's the result

Seems she got a docking station from her brother...just add water? lol no, it's real!!

In Jessica's words--A week long journey of memories closing the decade and opening a new one
Thanks all



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