On 29th June 2023 Jasmine Graduated from High School. (speakers on for android user)

Jasmine was walking to her chair and it's the start of seeing the graduating class of 2023

I am sure you can pick her out from all the other candidates

Here are the parents with their partners and grandparents

Oh...I've been spotted. Well anyways, this is not about them, or me!!!

It's about the graduates

Wait!! Do I see someone I recognize in the wings?

During an interlude, Kathryn called Jasmine over to give her a gift

Was she pleased? You tell me by looking at her smile

Now it was Jasmine's turn to go get in line for her certificate

Here she is arranging her tassel. Traditionally tassels are worn on the right side and moved to the left during a special portion of the ceremony for high school graduates.

Waiting in the wings to be called

Getting ready to climb the ladder of a successful High school section of her life.


Here, sir, is my slip of paper introducing me to the world

Remember, a firm handshake, but not too firm lol

I have to remember "Your handshake should be firm, but not overly so. Don't pinch or squeeze the other person's palms. The ideal handshake will be comfortable and match the grip pressure of the other person"

Now is she happy???

Look Mom...look dad

Your parents are here? Where? Well, over there....

My job is done here!!

Selfie time with Aunt Kathryn

It was the "hats throwing" time

A proud dad - Thomas with his daughter

Thomas with his ex-wife, Mandy as proud mother and father of the graduate

Her brother, Gavin, was so proud of his sister

As was grandpa Steve

Here is Grandpa Steve and his wife Rose (aka my agent lol)

And here we are with our graduating student

Jasmine's sisters and brother and Matt

And from us



And once all that was completed-it was time to leave this establishment...and leave in style she did.

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