January, Eric's birthday

Gavin and Jasmine exercising

Mar 2010...all the cousins together

I played a little with this picture to look like this. Some like it, some don't...I personally love it

Thought this was so cute, Gavin kissing-or telling Great Grandpa a secret

A traditional Lift

Christmas at Le Chateau. Eric, Hunter, Joshua and Gavin...the boys

Thomas' family


The cousins, our grandchildren


Hunter, Mandy and Thomas

Christmas at our house and our traditional gift of PJs to the grandkids.

Christmas at Le Chateau and a Tassé Family Christmas photo.



A Christmas supper with Friends and family. Here from left to right is Thomas, Asley, Richard Mollar, Pierre Tassé, Abe Anthony, Angela (Abe's daughter) and our next door neighbors Jackie and Leonard Woods.



Thomas in Napanee Station.

Putting together a BBQ at Thomas'

Someone was turning 30...

Ashely, Mandy and Jasmine

Matt (Mandy's Husband) and Thomas

Jay, they have been friends for years. He is here with his son Max



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