Arianna is part of a group in ch√Ęteauguay that does Hip Hop and other dance forms. There was a Hit the Floor competition in Gatineau-She went, so we went and others did also.

Pierrette and crew are on their way

My mother never misses an event-thank you Danny for bringing her.

Danny invited us all to the Hilton for brunch. What a nice meal.

While we were there we made sure to wish Matthew a happy birthday (13 Jun)-he is looking younger and better as he grows older.

And he turned around and presented me with a Father's Day gift. A gift that could come in handy as Sharon and I prepare for our cruise to Iceland.

By the way, this is Angie, she is with my godson, Pierrette's son, Clinton. To the right, is Mandy and her boyfriend, Nathan.

While at the table, Pierrette starting getting a picture of people kissing

Not to be left out....

Danny wanted a kiss but Pierrette was having nothing to do with that at this time so Danny tackled her. Pierrette put up quite the fight.

Then came the event we came for, no pictures were allowed in the dance theatre but Arianna's group came in first

Hugs all around

Mandy presenting the winner

Arianna's Grandparent's Jirsak

Not everyone is in the picture as there are some pictures from the Friday dance and most of us were at the Sunday dance (which included the finale)

Then we left

So appropriate, Matthew first born to make my mother a grandmother, leaving the event.

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