This is where Matthew works

The neat thing about this picture is that Tyler Tassé helped build the monument in behind Matthew and his mother

Matthew and Family would meet up with Thomas and his family for camping in Picton Beach.

One thing for sure, Matthew and family are sure adventurous. They would go, with their kids, to all sorts of places and adventures. What great family time.

Lisa, she has a hard job with lots of hours but as you see, she enjoys her work.

2015 finishes off with a Christmas Party at Le Chateau, hosted by Rita & John Tassé, Matthew's grandparents.


We would occasionally meet Lisa on a stop in Kingston to pass gifts or say hello

We went down one weekend for a dance recital for the girls

We stayed at a hotel and the girls loved it

We were also there for Matthew's birthday

Every year (it seems) they get a family picture and, if memory serves me right, it is the same spot every year. Great location.




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