If yours can see the controls and can play this music, press play and listen to a song that my lovely wife once sang to my daughter and now, Kenny Rogers will sing to this little one.

(Note, you may hear sounds mixed with the music, it is the sounds coming from some video sequences at the end of the pictures I am presenting. All you need to do, when you get there is to restart the sequence of videos again to see them.)

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Hi, my name is Jonah and this is my webpage. I thought it best if I were to introduce myself to start with and tell you a little bit about me. Though I was born on the 13th of January 2016, my parents took an extra 6 days to come up with a name. In fact, my name was formally announced at 5:45PM on the 19th of January. They were very democratic about it and asked my brother Joshua and my sister Katryna to vote on two possible names that were being presented. It was a family vote and the name Jonah was unanimous. My middle names are the product of my Papa (Pierre-on my mother's side) and my grandfather (Russell-on my dad's side). The following is the story of how I was nearly born on the 12th and finally born on the 13th with a few pictures of those days and the days that followed.


Here are the days by internal hyperlink

This was the scene on the 11th of January...Kathryn was suppose to deliver the baby on the 12th at 0800 hrs.

This was Kathryn on the 12th at the restaurant --She was told at the hospital that there had been an emergency and she would not deliver today, it was going to happen the 13th instead. I am sure the red we see under her eyes can not mask her disappointment.

Here we go, the 13th and the phase starts again

Final words (?) of encouragement

Getting all prepared outside the operating room

What's a good camera man if he can not take a selfie

This is a picture of my beautiful daughter with her new son

I just love this picture...the colors, the smile on Rodney's face... (Did I say how much I love this picture?)

Initial information had said that it was Dr Reid, but the card says Dr Newton...well, Newton it is ;)

As a statement to start, this was not her room. This was the recovery room. Yes, she was recovering rather well...a true Tassé. Later (after we left) she was moved into Room 533 bed #2.

If you think this is the same picture, it isn't-I think I saw my grandson's eye blink


The nurse was listening to the beating of the baby's heart...I think she said it was around 140

Sharon and Rodney were off to the side

Some balloons we brought...to liven up the place

And we brought a card...

No, we are not looking at Kathryn's perfectly manicured French nails; we are looking at the baby boy's finger's

Again, her painted toes are not the issue here, what is being shown is the fact that she is hooked up to a machine for her vitals

This is the machine

Does she look like a proud grandmother?

A Tim Horton's....bien sur

A proud papa


First pictures of brothers and sister

I will be my brother's keeper

Joshua the brother is Joshua the photographer

Two sons

Well, I guess Vanessa gave him his first bath

Proud Dad

Too bad the light from the window is causing problems, but this is the grandparents -Russell and Lynn

Russell Etienne holding his new grandson

Lynn is obviously approving her new grandson ;)

14 January ...more visiting

Here is Roy, a Friend who came to visit

And brought a gift...

Looking much better today Kathryn


Doesn't Sharon look as gorgeous as the handsome little grandson

Russell & Lynn look great in blue with the grandbaby boy....

15 January

His eyes are starting to open...

They are leaving the hospital and heading home

16 Jan

Rodney and his brother Neil looking at the miracle, a new born.

Neil & his girlfriend Sarah just basking in the fun of holding a new born...like we all do ;)

Love this picture as Neil gives his dad the evil eye as if to say...you think I am going to let you have a turn to hold this baby?

I am not sure if this is the next picture in the sequence but it does seem logical that Sarah would break the argument and take over the "holding the baby" duty

A very happy Family (Joshua is absent)

Grandma Lynn "holds" nothing back as she shares holding the baby duty with Katryna

Now, a few days old and already look at his hair growth and how wide his eyes have become to take in the world around him. I wonder if they will turn blue as he begins his 1st year in this world?

Well, everyone has to go to sleep sometime. A good way to finish the 16th of January...his 3rd day on this planet ;)

17 January

Today was visiting day at the House for Kathryn & Rodney

First up is Matt and Mike (Twins)

Thomas, Kheayali with Gavin and Jasmine

Some gifts from Matt and Mike

Kathryn with the baby and cousins

What a lovely picture..a proud grandmother in the background

Wow, picture got better

Thomas remembering when Gavin was that age..

Thomas sees how Keayali is tickeling the little guy ;)

Gavin...waiting for Joshua who was not returned as scheduled from his dad's

Jasmine contemplating the tarts that Grandma made-after having a few she decided they were good.

Matt & Mike Dennee

Well, Kheayali got to hold the baby...she looks pleased!

Jasmine has her turn - not the only boy she'll hold in the palm of her hands.

Look at his eyes Grandma!!

Do you have your hand on Grandma's chin?

Yes, my sister making a grand entrance

My sister Pauline (the godmother) just loves little kids

Kheayali & Christine just chillin' on the couch

You guess which is the Before and which is the after. Seems there was a party last night to celebrate Courteny's 21st birthday

My sister, the natural!

Me! The Papa, I was born to hold them...

Katryna and her brother. She has her own ideas of what his name should be

We stayed for supper...and, with Rodney cooking, why not!?

OMG. How many people do my parents know?

Someone had an exciting afternoon...

18 Jan

So we went over to see how the baby has changed since yesterday...

Well, I still look the same...oh ya, the baby also...

19 January

Name is finally chosen and (after a few phone calls to the grandparents) it is posted on social media and our chat LINE.

You have to love it!!!


The rest are movies. Some will work on your tablet/phone/computer...some will not. I could not upload and modify all of them to work on Apple/Android/Windows...

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