The Color Run. If you don't know what it here

It started the day before (29 July) as we went to pick up our participation packages

Joshua was with a friend so we brought him along also

30 July: Our first time so we had to get ready for anything


All right...lets head to the starting line

And we are off. What a great backdrop for a fun walk.

All right! Let's stop and take a picture.

Our first color station

One of us would go through then come back and get the troller. We would tell them not to "color" the stroller-and they didn't. That was a bonus.

Every station had a color scheme-this one says "Orange you glad to be here"

Here is the end of the run

I forget the name of this station, but they go free stickers.

Someone has been "working out"

Now we all head home to take a shower and clean up. Thankfully Kathryn told us to place old sheets on the car seats so that we keep them clean...because we are filthy.