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2013 5 May

Joshua's First Communion Celebrations

On the 2nd of May 2013, Joshua went for his Reconciliation at Holy Name Church.

Next step was his First Communion on the 5th May 2013

A cake made for Joshua by his Godparents

Kathryn with Katryna and Avery waiting while Joshua was upstairs getting changed and ready for his First Communion

Chris and Kathryn before the First Communion near Sharon's young Magnolia Tree...

Joshua ready for Church

Grandparents and Godparents with Kathryn and Joshua

The Church where Joshua received his First Communion

Everyone is there and getting ready to bear witness to this event. Bottom left is Spring, Chris' mother and middle is Mandy and in the back middle is Thomas (our son).

Mr Jim Murray, Principle of Joshua's school St Martha Catholic School.

Joshua, the angel

Father Wes Chochrek congratulating Joshua on his First Communion

Joshua's Class of 2013

Kathryn and her two kids, Katryna and Joshua

Deb Mills (Kathryn's Friend) and Joshua

A proud "aunt" hugging Joshua

Jasmine, Arianna, Katryna and Jessika

The grandchildren (back row) Ethan, Hunter, Eric, Joshua and Gavin. (Front row) Jasmine, Avery, Arianna, Katryna and Jessika

Mandy and Katryna-Katryna has always been taken with Mandy

Godfather and Godson cutting the cake

Joshua giving out "attendance" gifts. "Jesus is awsome" combs for the guys and "God loves us" notepads for the girls.

Joshua beginning to open up gifts...the hint? Katryna is anxious to see what is inside the envelope :)

Spring (Nanny) gave Joshua a beautiful Cross

Thomas gave money generously

Matthew and Lisa and family gave this excellent Catholic book to Joshua.

A biblical waterbottle from Kathryn and Chris along with a script ring which contained a verse from the bible.

The gifts from my sister Pauline (and family) and my parents were sent down and opened at a later time since they could not make the trip down. That is why the background is different.

From Great Grandparents-always a nice wrapping

From my sister Pauline (and family)

Lyle, Sharon and Matthew

Joshua is making the rounds thanking people for their gifts

Matthew is showing mom some ideas to fix a headboard ....he accessed the pictures from a smartphone other than a Blackberry.

Our three children: Thomas, Kathryn and Matthew

A beautiful picture of Mandy

Kathryn thanking Deb for her gift - the pictures and her attendance.

2013 Mar


Kathryn at Bootlegger



Christmas at Le Chateau


Kathryn and Rodney take a trip to Gatineau to have him meet Grandma

Fun time in Weir, Qué

Mandy and Kathryn showing their stomaches. Mandy is due mid Nov 2015 and Kathryn due mid Jan 2016. Kids will be two months apart.

Ribfest celebrations at Friendly Fires


Kathryn Birthday celebrations and Joshua helping drill screws into the kitchen floor

Katryna's Birthday

Joshua and Katryna with Papa at school Remembrance Day ceremonies

In Nov it was another quiet time with the kids

December saw a few surprises as Rodney Etienne proposed to Kathryn. Look at Their faces, more importantly, look at how Joshua is smiling. I don't think Katryna understands what is going on...

2015 finishes off with a Christmas Party at Le Chateau, hosted by Rita & John Tassé, Kathryn's grandparents.

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