9 May 2021

Today we're going to have St Louis Style Ribs for Sunday Night Mother's Day Supper

Katryna was over

Jonah was enjoying the swing

Thomas and Kheayali came over to wish mom a Happy Mother's Day and do a tasting of my smoked ribs

They gave mom a book that she has been on the waiting list at the local library for ages...

Now the ribs

Then a few gifts from Kathryn, Katryna and Jonah

Next a gift from Kathryn

This recipe is something we use over and over again and it was such a great idea that Kathryn had to have it imprinted on a cutting board. Now the question is if we are going to use the cutting board or not! lol

Mom made Kathryn an Oatmeal Raisin cookie in the shape of a heart

We gave her a card with a picture of the 3 kids on the front

Then a surprise came to the front door and it was flowers from Matthew and Lisa. The odd thing though, there was no card to say it was from them so we had to ask around...a sort of a mystery

It was a little chilly, but we wanted to be outside on the deck

Joanh is not talking to the fence! lol His best friend from school, Jacob, lives next door and is on the other side of the fence. Jonah was trying to break down the fence to get to him and was losing his shoe in the fight with the fence.

Kathryn flanked by Jacob and Jonah-yes, Joanh was able to convince his mother and father to come over for a while.