Cassandra and Kail's Wedding 14 May 2022

Kathryn came down from Kingston with Sharon and Pierre (her parents) and this is where we are parked.

and after seeking the way in, Kathryn found the entrance to the place.

Mom, being a good Tassé, took a wrong turn and went up the stairs to a restaurant. Here she is coming back down.

This place looks like a great location to enjoy the nice sun and water boats. Sharon got her nails done to match her dress. Here is one of her nails at the inset of the picture.

We found the place so we signed the book...I mean Sharon signed for me.

We found our way up and went to the balcony to prepare for the wedding. Alright, let the show begin.

Liette and Mike sat with Kathryn and behind her is Rob's mother, Donna Ross with Danelle (Rob's sister) and her husband Marc sitting with her.

It didn't take long for the people to conjugate My goddaughter Courteney is one of the bridesmaids

A happy mother

and here is Rob with Cassandra


Kail, Cassandra and Riley

Now the mask of being serious is taken off. I guess mom didn't like it!! lol

Hey, what is in those wine glasses??

We took our opportunity to have a memory picture with Cassandra.

As did Kathryn

A mother daughter picture was too good to pass up.

Kail and his new Aunt ...welcome to the family.

Somebody is happy to be visiting from Florida--that's Liette!

It was a good opportunity to have a picture of my family that was at the wedding. All that was missing (in the adults) was Kathryn's Fiancée, Mike Brousseau.

For those of you wondering...carry on wondering. This is a multidimensional picture. You'll see the front and back.

Matthew and his wife Lisa

Thomas and his wife Kheayali

Me and my daughter Kathryn

Me and my lovely wife Sharon

Danny and his wife (my sister) Pierrette

Pierrette and daughters (Left to right) TJ and Mandy on the other picture is my godson (Pierrette's son), Clinton Pothier.

And here is Tyler (Pierrette's oldest) with his wife Nat

Here we are with Christine

Some random pictures of Pierrette and Kathryn, Liette and Pauline

Danny just found out you don't have to be serious anymore and judging by the next picture, neither did Matthew and Kathryn.

Does that give my 93 year old mother ideas???

That's right little sister, announce it to the world...or at least to the people on Dow's Lake-after 3 years of trying because of COVID, the wedding did happen.

Once inside, there was a more serious tone...white wine and memories...and being a grandma

Courteney and her caring boyfriend David

Liette & her husband Mike

Grandma and Cassandra

Great Grandma and Riley

Chantalle and her friend

In the reception hall we found some pictures of people that were no longer with us in body but they are present in spirit. I do not know some of them, but do realize they are important.

This is my dad who passed away in 2013 click here to learn more about him

Mr Ross was also not there and his life can be found by clicking here


So the next pictures are of the reception

There were a few speeches. Rob is warming up as in the years to come he'll have to give 3 more of the speeches.

The sisters gave a nice speech

Then they had the traditional dance -Since they paid no attention to us and danced like they were on cloud 9, I took liberties

As I did with Father and daughter

Congratulations Kail & Cassandra