Kathryn comes over to celebrate mom's 68th birthday

A Gift from Katryna and Jonah

"Grandma Tell me your story" book where you discuss with Grandkids the questions that are asked.

This is a purple jar with 100 inscriptions inside ranging from (you are wise) to "Good"

She is opting to take one paper out each day for the next 100 days...

Katryna sent a birthday video for her Grandmother

Wishes from Matthew & Lisa

We received a special Birthday Wish from Jake, Melissa & Ryan's son.

Thomas and family came over with Chinese Food.

I gave her a birthday card with the traditional dollar amount matching her age...plus $1

A Lovely card from Thomas and family

Sangeeta taking a break

Kheayali observing

Jasmine and Gavin are now officially the same height

Jasmine's eyes seem to say....OMG!!!

Along with lots of phone calls, texts and emails wishing Sharon a happy day.