As in most good parties, it starts with an invitation


Every 27th of Dec my mother hosts a Christmas party at the Chateau and it is "The Event" of the year. We prepared and got our gifts and prepared some more.

Given the event and that it is a mix of a lot of families, we were also asked to take COVID tests (seems natural to me) and I would have worn a mask regardless.

Before the 27th we have our Christmas party at home with whomever can make it. This year only Matthew and family could not come. 

Anyways, back to the party of the 27th. Sharon and I tested negative and were preparing to leave. We get a phone call from Kathryn. She tested positive. That changed everything. Now, nobody who came to our party could go to theirs since my mother (93 years old) and others who are pregnant would be there.

So Sharon and I drove to Ottawa and did a transfer (without contact) from our car to my son's so that our gifts could at least be enjoyed.

We passed them the Gingerbread house and our butter tarts for the party and gave him our gifts to the family for them to enjoy with the Jirsaks when they have their Christmas celebration.

And he passed some gifts for us. I opened a nice golf mat

From a couple of the photos of the tables, it seems that Sharon's dress would have fit in nicely

Thank you to Matthew for all the pictures as I enjoyed it vicariously through his lens lol


Talking of nice dresses, Pierrette looked amazing

But the star attraction was my mother. How appropriate. She is holding a picture of me (who couldn't be there) that was taken by Sharon (who couldn't be there) and produced by Kathryn (who couldn't be there) and in the location where my dad is resting.


Kathryn's gift (there is a good movie clip which I can no longer upload to this webpage)

Arianna receiving an Apple Watch from us

Jessika getting her Apple Airpod Pros

Mom receiving a digital copy of all of dad's home movies

Some photos from my sister (Mrs Photographer) Pierrette. Very much appreciated. She sent me over 200 photos and I selected only a few so bear with me. Loved them all. The photos got me into the mood of what you were living and it also got me sad as I, as well as the rest of the Kingston family, was missing these fond memories. I usually comment on photos and events but I am at a loss at what was happening during these photos--but the people looked happy!!

Thank you Matthew and Pierrette for the photos.

Thank you mom for the happiness that you bring each and every year to your kids, your grandkids and your great grandkids. A tradition that you and dad have nurtured and it has grown into a ticketed event where everyone wants to attend. It is an extremely sad year for the Kingston families but we are happy to see the others so happy.

Merry Christmas