Thomas was smoking a salmon. MAN was it good!

Gavin is reading the instructions to the game. He is so intellectual.

A picture of Kheayali's phone as she was taking a picture of Thomas, Jasmine and Gavin.

Could not believe the arm that Jasmine has as she threw the football.

Gavin has good form!!!

My son and daughter

Never understood the desire to make faces for a photo

Jasmine looks so mature and growing older. Soon to be 16 years old!!

We were all amazed at how Gavin looked so changed, so grown. Handsome young man.

I am getting some Father's Day gifts

My beautiful wife gave me this Cell Phone holder for the golf course -the cell phone becomes a GPS for the course.

My three fabulous kids gave me this table for the bath tub. My physical condition is such that a jacuzzi bath helps me.

Kathryn switched the gifts around and that is what Sharon is looking so quizzically about

Katryna made a make-shift table on her swing.

Sangeeta with her lovely smile.

Thomas took a few shots trying to get everyone in at the same time. Great job.