21 Dec 2021 Thomas celebrates Christmas with his family at home

Jasmine with her boyfriend Will Healey-Jeffery.


Thomas took the time to FaceTime Grandma.

On 22nd Dec Thomas and family came over for gift-giving etc. They were so great in that they all took a rapid test before coming over to ensure our safety. Oh ya, they all came out negative lol Below is mom giving out cards. If she pulls out YOUR card from her deck, then you pick out a gift. She pulls out another card and it carries on until no more gifts to take. Once all the gifts are gone then when your card is pulled, you get to choose one from someone else. The person with the last card gets to choose whatever gift he wants.

Here is Sangeeta demanding the gift from Thomas!

Afterwards we stopped for some snacks

Now the gift giving commenced

THomas was a happy Santa

Jasmine got an IPhone

Thomas, besides the Marvel Golfballs, got a membership to Costco

Great Grandma delivered pizza for the great grandkids

That is some reaction, to not only the pizza, but the topping

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