On Christmas Eve we had Kathryn and family over. Here is Chris Brousseau with Kathryn, Mike behind her and Jonah off to the right.

Mom had laid out a great spread of snacks.

We started to give out some gifts and of course we started with Jonah

Minecraft was the theme

Katryna was enjoying receiving some gifts also.

A major gift was this laptop

This is Katryna's best friend Myah. We gave them an early Christmas present as Myah was going out of town for Christmas.

Sharon got a Christmas Ornament with the word"Rain".

In case you're wondering, Mike is opening an Ice Maker. I guess he consumes a lot of ice...

A Christmas card from the kids and a pair of Helly Hansen outdoor gloves. They are super. No more cold hands while I go for my walks outside in winter.

I enjoy hard boiled eggs and poached eggs. It is so much trouble, and this gift from Kathryn, makes everything electric. BTW, I tried it Christmas Morning and it works great.

Christmas morning we went over to Kathryn's to "deliver Pizza"

I got a little choked up when she told Grandma that they're going to break the Ginger Bread house as part of the tradition.

Also there was Mike's Uncle Less who we gave a gift to. I was always taught if someone takes the time to come to Christmas supper, it is just courteous to ensure that you include them in all the celebrations.

And Mike's Nephew Jessie

Kathryn made sure Rain had something also

Before we got there, Kathryn had celebrated with her family

You can't make it out, but she got an Apple Watch


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