As in most good parties, it starts with an invitation

Cancelled due to COVID...thanks COVID. But some get togethers were better said with a picture. Great Grandma with Riley and her grandmother (Pauline).


Sharon & I went and met my mother and Little Sister at a resturant on 17 Dec. Trying to stay safe and small as asked for by the Province.

Merry Christmas mom. I had to post this picture as Pauline looks like she's Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune showing a Tim Horton's Christmas ornament.

We got some nice gift cards. Whatever will I do with a GolfTown gift card? lol

So we had a very contracted Christmas. In the 22nd of December we had Christmas with Thomas and family.

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On the 24th in the early afternoon, we had a FaceTime Christmas with Matthew & Family. I had UPS the gifts down the 23rd and they arrived 0800 hrs the 24th.

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On the 24th at night and morning of the 25th, we had Kathryn and family here and a bit at her house.

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We had a nice Christmas Day, just Sharon and I.

I wonder if this tracker is for her to track me with?

We wish all Tassé dogs a Merry Christmas

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