One of the big draws that we found in Myrtle Beach was the ability to sit on our balcony at anywhere between 6am to 7:30am (depending on the month of the year) and watch the sunrise. The reverse is true about the sunset.

Our balcony was strategically located to view the sunrise but for the sun set, I had to move to the beach and take my pictures from there. I did this only once as I found the scenery and placement not conducive to good shots. I went searching one evening for a good location to take pictures of a sun set but found that a lot of them were obstructed by either tall buildings or just little hills and trees that would not have added to the shot. Next time I will find a good place for those great sun sets.

Having said that, the sun rise in Myrtle Beach were just awesome. I have tried to capture some of the different sunrises here in this webpage for you to enjoy. For those of you photographers in the crowd, I have a Nikon D7100 and was mostly using a 70-200 F2.8 lens with a polarizing filter. Most of the time I found that I could not capture the "pinks".

A series

Sometimes the skies did not want to let the sun out...

Rays of sun behind the clouds

A very colorful morning sunrise

Sometimes it is not just about the sunrise