NATO Conference November 2004

Paris, France (here is the National Anthum-click pause when required)

This was my first NATO conference. Here are the people from other countries and my first NATO picture.

This is the room where we had our meetings.

This is l'Ecole de guerre where the conference was located.

This is L'Ecole de Guerre from a picture I took from the Eiffle Tower...

The hotel that I stayed at

A small room, but it suited the purpose

A little hard (some early pictures) but this is what I saw from the window of my hotel.

I went to go visit some friends of the family that live in Paris. They treated me like royalty. Click here to see Martine and Marcel Valette.

Next I went randomly around Paris and was basically setting the scene when I knew that I would be bringing Sharon here for a visit. Little did I know it would be only a year later that we would make the trip.

Click here for my "reconissance".