2021 to 2030

So Feb 11th at 2:45PM at the Bennet's Mall, Sharon fell. Here is a pictorial of the aftermath

This is Tammy, a nurse at our family doctor's office who came to help. Click here for the pictorial of her events.

Mother's Day 2021. Sharon got flowers and lots of visitors off and on to stay within restrictions of the pandemic.

Sharon Turns 69 click here

When we are at home and hear our song, though it is late at night, we find each other and begin to dance. I love my wife.

Well, I have been having chest pains and my family doctor (Dr Ross) sent me to a specialist who ordered an angiogram. This phone call was the result of that test.

Thyroid Consultation click here

Pierre Turns 70 years old. Click Here.

Cassandra's Wedding 15 May 2022

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