On 5 Oct, my daughter advised me that my gift will be late this year. She says there is nothing she can do about it. While I thought that she had ordered me something and it was late in delivery she had other plans.

She said it would only be available on the 7th of Oct. She told me to wear black and jeans. She said mom (my wife) can come and since we were minding Katryna, she would come also. So now I was wondering what she had in mind for my gift.

We picked her up at work at she gave me a sweater so I thought that the place we were going would be a little cold.

We arrived at the Landings Golf Course and I immediately thought she had bought me a time with the golf pro and I was taken back because I could have brought my own clubs.

Then when we walked in there were a lot of Veterans in the place and Kathryn seemed to know a few of them. We all sat down and still had no idea what this was all about.

The head veteran Mr Christian Krimp

Then we all drive off to this place on Bayridge Drive and Kathryn shows me

The flag has not yet been unfurled

Kathryn actually said ...what do I give someone who has everything they need or wants...and she couldn't have been more wrong. This was the perfect something that I would never have thought of getting and once I had it, I want to do this again and again. This was/is a great gift to me and the veterans of Canada.

Katryna was asked to unfurl a flag as not all of them (those dedicating the flag) were represented

The had the last post and the singing of O Canada


But, there is more....our local TV station was on hand and they asked to interview me after the ceremony

To top it all off, I made the news at 6PM

I received this link from a friend on Facebook Click Here It is the official Global News webpage of the day

Should you feel that you could donate or pledge money for your own flag, feel free to follow the link click here

The Facebook page

Some Facebook comments

Thank you very much for doing this and presenting the flag and dedication plaque so I can have it as a keep sake.

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