On the 6th of September we celebrated Kathryn's 40th Birthday. We had a party for her and it was well attended. Let me begin by saying thanks to all who attended.

A pictorial history of Kathryn

1982 in Victoria




Ladies & Gentlemen

In 1981 on the 3rd of September, in a little city called Victoria on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia a little girl was born.

Kathryn Mary Rita Regina Tassé became a daughter to Sharon and I and a little sister to Matthew.

There were many ups and downs of having a newborn.

At that time I was in my second year university and I remember trying to convince my lovely wife not to go bowling (her one night a week) and leave me looking after Kathryn and Matthew but she left anyways.

So I proceeded to get my video camera and record the event of Kathryn crying uncontrollably for a long time.

When I showed Sharon the video which I believed would win me the argument of her staying home, I realized my defense was flawed. I realized that because she told me so. I still had a lot to learn about being a father and the ways of a wife.
My memory of Kathryn and her growing up could be summed up in the one word “negotiation”. I would ask her to do things and it was always a negotiation.

I find that her daughter Katryna is the same way. When asked to be home for 8PM, she tries to negotiate for 8:15PM. Why? Who knows? Like mother like daughter -so the saying goes.

I remember my different postings as a family. Kathryn would eventually go out to meet kids her age and they’d say “oh you’re Matthew’s sister”.

When we moved to Kingston Kathryn was the first out the door and she said that she was going to meet as many people as she could so people would tell Matthew “Oh you’re Kathryn’s brother”.

Kathryn has always been a hard worker. She attended business school at St Lawrence College and also went to Loyalist College in the hopes of becoming a fitness instructor.

She went from working the midnight shift stocking shelves at WalMart, Cashier at Canadian Tire while 8 months pregnant for Joshua, Operating her own car detailing business from home-appropriately named “Oasis”, working at a Nissan dealership,
Instructor at a Curves facility, assistant manager at Carter’s Osh Kosh, and manager at both Bootlegger and then Justice and now she is trying her hand at construction work.

She is also is a certified Security Guard and Private Investigator. She has her gun permit and is qualified to use it.

One accomplishment that astonishes me is her certification to work at heights but she is also scared of heights –how did she get her certification? I have it on good authority that she negotiated with the instructor that she’d do the course if there were no actual heights involved).

My daughter is now the mother of three lovely children and the fiancée of a wonderful Frenchman – Mike. Yes Kathryn’s French vocabulary seems to be improving.

Kathryn works hard to ensure a life for her family while preserving her relationship with her brothers, friends and other family members.

40 years old!  Well the best part of being over forty in today’s day and age is that you did most your stupid stuff before Facebook and other social media.

Kathryn being a Tassé has a hard time with birthdays and I am sure when asked her age she’d say that she is really 18 with 22 years of experience.

Joking aside, I would like to thank you one and all for coming here today. Some who live close by like Kathryn’s brother Thomas and his family and also we have friends from Kathryn’s work throughout the years-which is a testament to Kathryn’s character when friends show up for a special occasion.

I would like to specifically recognize my mother of 92 years and Kathryn’s godmother and thank her for making the trip for this occasion. Thank you mom, it’s important since I frequently talk about your resilience and determination that people get to witness it firsthand. I love you.

I want to also thank my god-daughter and LS Pauline and her husband Rob, who always makes time for family events. My other sister Pierrette and her husband Danny were unable to attend one of their sons just got married.

Thanks Matthew, Lisa and family for making the trip from Chateauguay.
I also want to thank my wife for all the hard work she did in preparing this 40th for Kathryn. She spent many days in the kitchen to make this, at least, a culinary success.

In conclusion, we have tried to gather a section of friends and family for a celebration of Kathryn’s 40th birthday, all within the present rules and regulations of COVID-19 for Ontario.

So I’d like you to raise a glass, and together wish Kathryn a Happy 40th Birthday.

Kathryn may you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.  Happy birthday.



Here is a video of Kathryn as a baby.

Pictures of the party

Matthew preparing the smoker and Thomas supervising

A break from the chores to having a beer

Jonah and Grandma and Mike having a chat

Rob stopped by and Mike & Kathryn looking at the nostalgic pictures

The 40 year old Princess

Friends from her work throughout the years

The nieces-posing whenever there's a camera around! lol


Group Picture. I am looking down as I had the controller in my hands. My Bad! Everyone else looks good.

The spiral Ham




Morning After-breakfast

Final Comment from Kathryn

I’m home from the party with still a permanent grin on my face . I can’t believe all that work speech the drives the travels the coming the shopping for “me “ it has touched my heart in so many ways and at the time I needed the most . Thank you so much for making this girl feel loved 🥰 thank you for all the time in effort from everyone to make this day happen. It was perfect and I really can’t stop smiling 😊 thank you ☺️

Omg that was such a special party a beautiful search by you dad that I got ours to my friend T as she came in at the End but meant to go hug you and thank you . Thank you so much for all you have done I have no idea how you put something together so perfect . Thank you


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