His favorite band was the Eagles. You can pause or play at will.


My Friend Frank Smith passed away yesterday (6 Dec)

My memeories with him

2015 Pictures

Starting with how I met my golf partner and made good friends with him and Milli

Our Maine Friends

There is quite the story behind how we met and the great relationship we nurtured for the 3 months that we got to know each other. Here is the story.

It was a dark and stormy night; the cold rain fell in torrents — except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the sands on the beach (for it is in Myrtle Beach that our scene lies), rattling along the condo tops, and fiercely agitating the scanty internet of the computers that struggled against the brownouts....and so on...

The story begins. I was going for many walks during the day and trying to put in the miles. In so doing, I needed to take hot baths at night. The condo we were in had a Jacuzzi bath so that made the option so much easier. I took one every night. It was relaxing and helped my lower back. One night in the second week of January, Sharon comes knocking at the door and tells me to turn everything off. I did, and then asked why? It seems that the water was going into the condo downstairs. Frank had come up to ask Sharon (we did not know them at that time) to please turn the Jacuzzi off. Naturally we both phoned our owners and explained what had happened.

The next day, I saw Frank on the balcony and explained to him that the owner was going to address the issue and that I was very sorry for the problems that I may have caused him. In our discussion, I learned that Frank played golf. Well, I was looking for a game and told him to let me know the next time he went out and I would go with him. The next week we went out twice a week...rain or shine, cold or warm. I told him the only criteria that I had was I would like to play a different course each time (if that was possible). He agreed. It was there that I thought that this was going to be fun. When Sharon and I left Myrtle Beach and two friends behind, Sharon and I knew it was more than fun...it was going to be a friendship and good memories.

Milli and Frank lived right below us...an easy way to pass information without having to use the useless elevator or the stairs. I started this since I did not want to disturb them...and because I like playing games ;)

I found it easy to have Frank discussions with Frank (LOL) while Milli talked with Norman. Believe it or not, he told me a lot of his pre-Vietnam training and it was nice to have those type of revelations.

For Frank & Milli's birthday, Frank's daughter (Susan) and her husband (Chris) came down from Boston. Good daughter.

Frank taking a picture of the gator...from the golf cart!!

Frank and Milli brought us on a Riverboat tour and we enjoyed it.

Maybe this is why Frank went AirForce, he looks paralyzed in the water

We did enjoy our golf together--it was easy: Frank loved golf and would never turn down a game.

We enjoyed our outings at resturants (pre-COVID) and always had a ton of laughs.

A friend of mine from Canada joined us as we went on the famous links in Myrtle. My friend Wayne was between Frank and I.


In March came the arrival of our friends from Maine. They were staying on the 2nd floor and in the same building so it was easy and it was fun. We took them out to Ryans as part of their birthday celebration (Both birthdays are the beginning of March).

Parents of my daughter's boyfriend came to visit and together we all celebrated the birthdays with a cake by Sharon. A birthday cake non-the-less for the pair of March birthday celebrations ;) Happy birthday Milli and Frank.

I use this photo since I figure it is Frank pretending he has just discovered "fire" and is doing his manly walk around to show people his new discovery

I always liked delivering Krispy Kreme to my friends...

We had a get together supper in our condo - no more birthday celebrations. They had enough ;)

Frank, Milli, Sharon and I went out for supper.

The owner came over and sat with us for this picture.

Another Snow bird season gone by. Another time to say farewell to good Maine friends and hope to see you again next year.



Regardless of where the ball went...wasn't that a nice hole, a nice swing?

Frank and I enjoy a good round of golf - this was at Sea Trails (In all we have played another 25 - 30 golf courses this year) Last year we played 26 in total - all these are different courses. I think now we have narrowed it down to the courses we like and those ones we'll repeat. Like TPC, we played it twice this year.

The four of us also went to the Calvin Gilmore Theater we watched Time Warp. These have got to be the most comfortable seats we have sat in. If only all venues would adhere to these type of seats

Oh ya...and we played golf. Our golf carts were "inside" so never wet and always ready.!!!

What a majestic Place and something Frank removed from his bucket list. Here he is with Payne Stewart's statue

We all enjoy our favorite Italian resturant in Myrtle Beach proper...Villa Romana Italian

We went to the Midtown Bistro for a supper. It is suppose to be one of the best places in NMB - Valet parking and all that.


A touching moment

Valentine's Day supper

Here is a picture since Milli had told him he needed to drink....proof that he was drinking

We went to Paula Deen's for a "Family Kitchen" lunch. The food was plentiful and the ambiance was good. Frank wanted to go because he wanted to bring Sue and Chris here after picking them up at the airport

And since it was the Superbowl coming up, and Frank is a Patriot fan, Sharon and I bought him a few things

Golfing with my buddy

Good bye my Friend

Enjoy Golf Heaven. Have a game with my dad. Don't book me a tee time yet in your foursome.