On 9 Oct Tom Little came down to do some visiting. He is attending RMC getting his Masters in War Studies and also spending some time visiting family and the area....we are that family by the way ;)

So here is Sharon waiting...

Out of nowhere, the Jeep is on its way

It looks familiar

And the driver waves, so we know it must be Tom


Enjoying desserts made by Kheayali


Next came Kathryn with dessert...apple pie

Tom being a very good visitor, said he would taste it

Tom had found a tee shirt for Kathryn

So fitting

End of the day of the 9th of October

On the 10th, Tom had meetings at RMC and I went to golf...but afterwards we had Kathryn and kids and Abe and Dianne came over for a visit

And who knew that Tom played soccer?

On 11 Oct we did a visit to the Kingston Pen Youtube click here

For some reason they wanted a profile of my young face

Visitors talked to the prisoner like this

The family meeting "houses"

The inside of the front gate. So many little stories that the guard (who acted as a tour commentator) told us

This was the site of the 1971 riot see YouTube video click here

Looks confining

You look good here Tom

Wheelchair access cells

Now we are visiting the different areas of school (learning) etc

A look at the "hub" of the center block

A gym

The guard for the prisoners of the gym, had a tunnel access to get out of there

I have no idea what he is pointing at ;)

They told us all not to take a picture of this tee-pee so we all did

This is what it looked like way back when...(1875)

This is what it looks like now (2017)

Prisoners use to work for Corcan and build canvas ..for the post office...it was stopped when the post office had piles of the canvas bags since they were not going through them like they use to...given the new media of Internet and emails

The Yard

There was an escape that happened here over these walls-they did not have the barbwire in those days. Now, anything over 20lbs of pressure would send off an alarm

The tour is over and we are outside

Tom wanted to visit the location of the flags that Kathryn gave me ...

Then we rushed in to say hello to Kathryn

On the 12th Tom, myself and Abe headed off to visit the War Museum in Ottawa. Upon our arrival, we found out that the entrance fee was "zero" for retired/active military, also the parking was "free" and they gave you (except US Military) a voucher worth $11 towards a lunch

War of 1812

This is the head of the RMC Club and he took a shine to Tom as soon as he found out he was going to RMC ;)

We had time so "I" decided (Not Tom) to visit my mother. Here she is (as always) waiting at the end of the hall for her visitors

Tom asked me to take a picture...

I guess he meant of him and my mom....

Mom, you are missing some grandkids and great grandkids...love the idea though

During his time he paid a visit to Kathryn's work

And said good bye to Joshua

And on 13 Oct at around 0830 hrs after going in and out of the house a half dozen times, Tom finally left to make the trip back to his place in VA. Bye Tom and thanks for leaving - whoops, I mean thanks for the visit.