We secured a ticket

As a note, Gavin is in the Grade 5/6 and Jasmine is in grade 7. I may make some errors on which one the kids are participating in, but the bottom line is I have pictures!!!

So Gavin opens with "This is It"

Side note here: I only took one small video so that I could concentrate on taking pictures.

Then next up (Family wise) is Jasmine with "I'm A Believer"

Jasmine carries on with the "Trolley Song"

Gavin carries on with his performance of "Bear Necessities..."

Jasmine and the Glee Club are next with "Thank you For Being A Friend"

Jasmine's solo with "Let the River Run"


Then the Finale for it all

Why is this guy getting a standing ovation and flowers? Well, for the whole show and for each act, he was on the floor animating and guiding the kids on the movements and the notes. Well done Mr Bard.

The Stars of the Evening - my grandkids, Jasmine and Gavin Tassé